Camp Couture: Children’s Clothing

Summer clothes designed for a good time, not a long time.

Credit: Clinton Hussey

Before you send them away for the summer, at least kit them out properly.

Finding just the right summer camp clothes for kids is a delicate balancing act. First, there’s the issue of size: with bathing suits, no “room-to-grow” rationales – unless you want to shell out for therapy after an embarrassing swim class wardrobe malfunction. Then there’s style: Johnny and Janey spend nine months of the year in school clothes, the style of which is often dictated by a draconian set of adult rules. Summer is the time to let go and have fun with print, pattern and colour. And finally, price. Like many a summer dalliance, you’re here for a good time, not a long time. Don’t spend a fortune. Save that cash for back to school.

Boy (6-7 yrs)
Two-tone sunglasses, $7.50 from Gapkids • Camouflage logo beach towel, $14.50 from Old Navy • Star Wars lunch bag, $28 from Pottery Barn Kids • Quilted high-tops, $19 from Joe Fresh Style • Hawaiian sunset swim trunks, $19.50 from Old Navy • Strike! T-shirt by Vancouver’s Redfish Kids, $28 at Redfish and at select retailers. 

Girl (11-12 yrs)
Flip-flops, $4 from Old Navy • Backpack, $55 from Pottery Barn Kids • Cuffed capri pants, $16 from Joe Fresh Style • Peek-a-boo one-piece bathing suit, $12 from Joe Fresh Style • Clear-frame sunglasses, $10 from Joe Fresh Style • Sun hat, $6 from Joe Fresh Style • Hibiscus pattern beach towel, $14.50 from from Old Navy