Converse’s Summer 2012 Chuck Taylor Collection is Sleek and Feminine

Slip your feet into a sleek pair of this season's summer Chucks

Credit: Flickr / rapapu

Swap out your old Chucks for a pair of Converse’s sleek new Summer 2012 Chuck Taylor Collection

Slimmed down, breezy and virtually weightless, this season’s crop of Chuck Taylors is perfect for a hot summer’s day

I simply cannot get enough of Converse shoes, Chuck Taylor style! The Summer 2012 Collection shoes are poised to become a staple when the warm weather hits.

The collection showcases nautical designs and weightless shapes that will transition from day to evening. Here are some of my faves in the women’s collection.


Chuck Taylor Dainty

This slimmed down feminine version of the classic Chuck Taylor sneaker is lighter for summer and a perfect accompaniment for your warm-weather wardrobe. 



Chuck It Lady

These are lightweight shoes with preppy detailing and easy slip-on access, ideal for a breezy summer day. Light, fun and fresh!

Chuck Taylor Playlite Mesh

Featuring a lightweight canvas and open cotton mesh, this shoe is ideal for hot weather because it feels airy and breezy with virtually no sole. These mesh kicks are this summer’s must have for that hot weekend we’ve been waiting for.