Custom Clothing for Men Makes a Comeback

Take suit shopping to the next level; build your own custom-made suit in just 10 minutes

Credit: iStock / NejroN

Indochino makes it easy to get a suit that actually fits

Tired of suits that don’t fit your body’s shape? It’s easier than ever to order custom clothes

There was a time when every suit was an original creation tailored to fit one man’s unique body proportions.

Nowadays, custom suits are a rarity, but if you just can’t seem to fit into standard men’s store stock, now there’s a solution for you.

Indochino allows you to pick your own material, style and details. And it’s not just for suits; you can have custom shirts, blazers, coat and pants made exactly the way you want them. 

How to Order Custom Clothes

It’s fast and easy; just go to, choose your style, measure yourself, and submit your order. There is a step-by-step guide video to help you get the most accurate measurements, and it takes less than 10 minutes.

Four weeks later, put on your wrinkle-free suit right out of the box.