EcoFashion: Local fashion designers at EPIC

Granville Online's top ecofashion picks for EPIC—don't miss these exhibitors!


Sustainable fashion at EPIC

Granville Online’s picks for ecofashion exhibitors at EP!C, May 8–10

“Sustainability” seems to be on everybody’s lips these days, but it hasn’t quite made its way into their wardrobes… yet. While gains are being made by the ecofashion movement, the dominant consumer culture continues to eclipse the fact that there are many talented Canadian designers working tirelessly to combine their creative vision with a dedication to protecting the environment—through the materials they choose, the business ethics they espouse and the principles behind their designs.

Luckily, from May 8–10 some of the most active—and stylish—forerunners of this movement will be front and centre at the EP!C sustainable living expo. The war being waged by the big-box fashion industry is epic indeed, and we are only too glad to answer the call of our local green champions.

Here, we offer our top five picks from the exciting list of fashion exhibitors who’ll be presenting at the expo. Visit their booths and see their wares on the catwalk as eco-supermodel Summer Rayne Oakes hosts fashion shows on Friday, May 8 at 7 p.m.; Saturday, May 9 at 11:15 a.m. and 6 p.m.; and Sunday, May 10 at 2 p.m.

1. Nixxi

The contemporary but classic Nixxi collection showcases gorgeous dresses, pants and tops with clean, elegant lines and soft feminine accents. Most of the fabrics they use include soy, organic cotton and bamboo.

2. Flora & Fauna

I love the nature-inspired colours and concepts in the Flora & Fauna spring 2009 line. The beautiful pieces, made locally using sustainable fabrics, have simple, classic designs that are elevated by subtle but distinctive details. They’ve got “comfortable and chic” down pat.


3. Two of Hearts

Two of Hearts Boutique is run by Vancouver designers Jenny Yen and Tabitha Savoie. Opened on Main Street on Valentine’s Day, their shop is certainly a place where eco-fashionistas can easily fall in love. The Two of Hearts house collection features fun, versatile pieces that lean toward casual.

If you’re hunting for something sleeker and more sophisticated, their CiCi line might fit the bill. No matter which style you prefer, rest assured that both collections utilize biodegradable dyes and sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton and soy.

4. Rio Rain ECO Apparel

Wherever you’re headed—to yoga class, to the office, to school, to happy hour—and whether you’re a boy or a girl, Rio Rain has you covered, in stylish and comfortable threads made from high-quality organic and recycled fibres. A member of 1% for the Planet.

5. BuenoStyle

If you really don’t want to get caught surfing the web at work, then don’t go to the BuenoStyle site. Seriously. The eye-catching designs—especially in the OAK line—leap off the screen and demand attention, and before you know it your coworkers are hovering around your screen even though you’re in a mad dash to finish a certain article on ecofashion…

The eclectic pieces, ranging from vintage glam to classic charm, are handcrafted with reworked, reclaimed jewelry pieces—sure to inject an instant jolt of charisma to any outfit.