Fashion forward thinking

Vancouver's Red Jade has been using sustainable fabrics for years.

Credit: Pooya Nabei

The modern woman knows there’s a symbiotic relationship between inner and outer beauty, and Red Jade designer Margarita Angelatos has added another dimension to that paradigm with her high-end line of sustainable clothing.

“I think it is important to know what you are putting on your skin and how fabrics affect the environment,” says Angelatos. The cutting-edge designer, and winner of last year’s Generation Next award during Vancouver Fashion Week, has been using sustainable fabrics such as hemp and organic cotton in her designs for years, and she says she prefers these eco-luxe materials.

Angelatos describes Red Jade as “sophisticated and ultra-feminine clothing, which embodies the spirit of a confident woman living in a modern, future forward world.” Women can now shrug off that mass-produced raincoat that’s seen its share of downpours and reach for sapphira instead. Red Jade’s sexy trench, with an upturned collar and other divine details, like the pleated hem, was the catalyst for Red Jade’s spring collection, which marries soft and strong with tailored designs and free-flowing fabrics. Fresh-thinking women know that they can dress up while being down-to-earth – and while caring for it, too.

Red Jade

203-1220 E. Pender St., Vancouver