Fashion [re]genesis

Credit: Twice Shy/Jen Maccormack

“Sustainability can be sexy,” says Michael Ziff, explaining how he and Twice Shy business partner Jen MacCormack set out to stitch together the fashion world and the organic world by designing a collection of organic cotton T-shirts for the urban crowd.

Twice Shy takes its name from the concept of the Garden of Eden as the first organic place, explains Ziff. Once Adam and Eve bit into the apple, the two became shy and the fig leaf became the first fashion item, hence the company’s logo and tag line: Organic fashion for sinners everywhere. “The new religion is environ­mentalism,” says Ziff. “We sin against the environment every day – all of us, no matter how hard we try to be eco-friendly.”

Though organics were available when the company was created five years ago, the typical granola gear just didn’t suit the duo’s up-market style. And rather than simply select ready-made organic cotton, Ziff and MacCormack partnered with a local manu­facturing company to mill and dye organic cotton to Twice Shy’s exclusive speci­fications.

Women can slip on body-skimming tunics, swingy skirts and casual tees, all embellished with graphic elements. And men can suit up in street-smart polos, button-down shirts, chinos, aviator jackets, and hoodies – all with an urban edge.