Get the Look: 6 Ways to Wear Stripes

No need to toe the line with the popular stripe trend. These outfits allow you to be as bold, subtle or colourful as you like

They say a zebra can’t change its stripes, but you sure can. And with striped fashions out in full force, here’s a look at how to wear them well

Striped clothing is everywhere – from shirts and skirts to scarves and even pants.

While the striped pattern is incredibly versatile, pairing it can sometimes be challenging. This style guide offers six fashionable ways to wear stripes right into fall.

Work Stripes

Work wear can get a little dull. Sure, you can do a lot with a white blouse and black pants, but why not liven up your outfit with a striped shirt, like this blouse from Top Shop.

Stick with black pants, like these skinnies from Dynamite, but throw in a colourful shoe to jazz up your outfit. These ones from Call it Spring are perfect.

Play up the rich royal blue in this shirt with these matching earrings from J.Crew. And dress it all up after work with this sparkly clutch from Call it Spring.

Casual Stripes

Have a little fun with colour and stand out from the crowd in a striped top, like this one from Forever 21.

Keep the blue theme going with these heels from Aldo. And don’t stop the colour party there. Play with primary colours and add a bright yellow bag, like this one from The Bay.

You can tone down the top with a grey scarf, like this one from Aldo. And because you have so much colour in your accessories, sport some basic jeans with this outfit, like these ones from American Eagle Outfitters.

Bold Bottoms

Stripes aren’t just for your upper half. Whether it’s a striped skirt, shorts, or pants, you can’t go wrong with striped bottoms. If you’re looking to elongate your legs, choose a stripe that runs vertically, like these pants from H&M. If you want to keep the attention off your hips, then veer away from horizontal stripes. On the contrary, if you have thinner hips and want to make them appear curvier, choose bottoms where the stripes go from side to side.

Pair these bold pants with a simple top, like this basic white tee from Dynamite. And if the weather cools down, throw on this loose blazer from Zara.

This neutral outfit needs some colour so pick out bright accessories like this clutch from Aldo and these flats from The Bay. And add a feminine touch with this link bracelet from J.Crew.

Double Stripes

If you love all things striped, then don’t stop at just one item; double-down on top and bottom. If you’re easing into this look, play it safe by keeping the size and direction of the stripes consistent, with this top and skirt from Zara differentiated by colour.

Add some leather heels, like these ones from Aldo, and some shiny jewels, like this branch necklace, also from Aldo, to give this outfit a touch of class.

If you’re willing to take some risks, let your stripes run wild. This oversized striped tee from Top Shop paired with these vertical striped shorts from Zara may seem a little busy. But the eye can separate the two pieces because they’re each a different colour.

Some simple blue sandals from The Bay and a gold bracelet from H&M finish the look.

Stripes + Pattern

Go for a showstopping looks by mixing stripes and patterns. Just remember the cardinal rule: one pattern must take prominence for this fashion bravado to work.

With one pattern bolder than the other, the eyes have a place to focus. For example, in this outfit, the skirt from Zara is the main focus, as its pattern is much busier, placing the shirt from Top Shop squarely in the background.

You can also create a theme within the outfit by playing up a common colour, like we’ve done here with blue. Pull colours from the skirt into your accessories too, like this chuncky necklace from H&M, and this bright bag from The Bay.

Leather details are always a nice touch to any outfit, so add some shoes, like these heels from Call it Spring, and a leather-strapped watch, like this one from Aldo. But remember, keep your leather coulours the same, or your outfit will have too much going on.

Striped Knits

For cool nights and rapidly approaching fall days, try a knitted striped sweater.

This one from Top Shop has some bulk to it, so avoid drowning in fabric by pairing it with a tighter pair of pants, like these subtly printed ones from Forever 21.

The tones in this outfit are fairly muted, so liven it up a bit with a punch of bright colours. This multi-coloured necklace from J.Crew and this bold red shoulder bag from Aldo do just the trick.

And when you’re wearing stripes in the fall, throw on a pair of ankle boots, like these oxford-inspired ones from Aldo, to keep you warm from head to toe.