Girl Vancouver: Neighbourhood Styles from Kits to Commercial Drive

Does where you live influence what you wear? We take a look at outfits inspired by a few well-heeled Vancity 'hoods

Credit: Ben Oliver

Vancouver girls love their clothes and it shows. Here’s how our unique style is reflected from ‘hood to ‘hood

Whoever said Vancouverites lacked in style clearly never spent any time here – especially in the summer, when we happily shed the neoprene rain gear in favour of fun, flirty outfits that reflect where we live.

Every Vancouver neighbourhood has its own style of architecture and food, and that extends to fashion as well.

Here’s a look at what Vancouver girls are wearing from Kitsilano to Commercial Drive.

Credit: Ben Oliver

West End Girl: Flirty and Fun

The West End is all about summer fun and summer dresses. There’s something about this neighbourhood that gives it a retro 1950s-holiday vibe. The West End Girl dresses like she’s on that holiday, with flowing print dresses, strappy wedges and sunglasses never far.

West End girls are the personification of the endless summer. A little bit beachy, a little bit bohemian, their sunny disposition translates into a relaxed style that’s inherently flirty and fun. Visitors to the West End might be seduced by the sun and sand and arrive wearing shorts. But the true West End Girl knows the maxi dress is the way to go. It’s the ultimate drop-everything-and-hit-the-beach outfit, and doubles as coverage when the sun sets and the temperature drops.

  • Dress: Ultra Pink ($24.99)
  • Sandals: Castellar ($69.99)
  • Purse: XOXO ($29.99)
  • Sunglasses: Guess ($24.99)

Credit: Ben Oliver

Downtown Girl: Brains and Beauty

Vancouver has what is arguably one the most beautiful downtown cores in the world and it inspires the Downtown Girl to dress the part. But it’s still our financial centre, where everything from local commerce to international trade takes place, so a professional image is the order of the day. Downtown is all about business; but we do it with style in Vancouver.

Our Downtown Girl is confident and bright, and she’s got a wardrobe to match. She has a closet full of dresses and blazers that can be mixed and matched to create business-appropriate but youthful combinations for every occasion. Her outfit says she knows her way around the Bentall Towers but isn’t afraid to show a little personality with her wardrobe. Anyone can wear a black two-piece suit, but Vancouver girls know how to pull a meeting-the-clients outfit together without resorting to robot-wear. This is brains and beauty at its best.

  • Dress: Max Studio ($39.99)
  • Blazer: Willow & Clay ($24.99)
  • Purse: Charles Jourdan ($199.99)
  • Shoes: Tahari ($45)

Credit: Ben Oliver

Kitsilano Girl: Casual and Stylish

With its energetic and cross-demographic mix, Kitsilano is always a fun and lively neighbourhood. The Kits Girl may be a university student, a mom, or an entrepreneur, but her style exudes a cool, West Coast vibe.

While the neighbourhood is large, it’s defined by its stunning beaches, 4th Ave shops, and mélange of restaurants that offer everything from ethnic, to uber-healthy to trend-setting fare. Kitsilano radiates with energy, and so does our Kits Girl.

She’s pulled together, but never fussy. She chooses fun, versatile pieces that create a casual but stylish outfit so she’s ready for lunch on 4th Ave and a walk on the seawall after dinner. Even when it’s a little grey outside, our Kits Girl lights up the room.

  • Dress: Fun & Flirt ($24.99)
  • Belt: Cole Haan ($49.99)
  • Purse: Izzy & Ali ($34.99)
  • Sandals: Dolce Vita ($39.99)

Credit: Ben Oliver

Commercial Drive: Breezy Confidence

Going to Commercial Drive is like taking a little holiday – there’s an old world charm to Little Italy, and the Commercial Drive Girl looks like she’s ready for a summer jaunt. Commercial Drive never tries too hard; it just is super cool – just like our girl. No hipsters here; Commercial Drive is all about the genuine experience and embracing our eccentricities and authenticities.

We love the perfect-imperfect-chic our Commercial Drive Girl commands with ease. Layering is essential for this style and even better if you can get a few pieces that clash. The key is to have that one item (here it’s the jean jacket) to pull everything together into a cohesive look. The Commercial Drive Girl is the ultimate master of eclectic style: buy what you truly like, and everything will come together because it’ll all reflect your inner style. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to have that breezy confidence girls on the Drive exude.

  • Tank top (solid white): Denim Legend ($12.95)
  • Tank top (red lips): Word of Mouth ($12.95)
  • Jean jacket: Earl Jeans ($29.99)
  • Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger ($29.99)
  • Sneakers: Rebels ($49.99)

Credit: Ben Oliver

Kerrisdale Girl: Pretty and Polished

Established Kerrisdale, with its lush, tree-lined streets and boutique-filled village, is home-base for a style that’s just as elegantly understated and well-manicured as the homes are. You can’t get away with flash or cheap tricks; it’s all about substance.

The Kerrisdale Girl is modern and busy – whether she’s running between charity events, restaurant launches and the office, so there’s no time for elaborate outfits. She’s always on-trend but never trendy. She picks pieces that are well-tailored, youthful and fashionable, but never at the expense of functionality.

  • Peplum Top: Monttaw ($19.99)
  • Pants: Bemch ($29.99)
  • Shoes: Nine West ($59.99)
  • Purse: Guess ($49.99)

Credit: Ben Oliver

North Vancouver Girl: On the Go

North Van Girl… or Supergirl? The North Van Girl is on the go: climbing Grouse like a gazelle, mastering Downward Dog like a yogi, and jumping into a kayak for a sunset paddle in Deep Cove. These are the girls who actually do glow when they sweat. And they always – somehow – look impeccable no matter how hard they’re working out.

With mountains, valleys, backcountry trails and coastline shores to conquer, the North Van Girl needs a performance wardrobe that matches her interests and endurance. If the North Van Girl can do it all, so can her wardrobe.

  • Sports tank (yellow): Calvin Klein Performance ($19.99)
  • Tank top (orange): Kyodan ($14.99)
  • Capris: Kyodan ($24.99)
  • Runners: Nike Flex ($59.99)
  • Yoga mat: Rat Mat Pro ($29.99)

Special thanks to the team that got up at the break of dawn to put this together. And thanks as well to the staff at Marshalls for lending us the wardrobe for our Girl Vancouver outfits.

Girl Vancouver: Neighbourhood Styles