Go Canucks Go! Calling all Fashion-forward Fans Looking for Original ‘Nuck Merchandise

Canucks fans can now wear their love of hockey on their sleeve with retro Canucks inspired cufflinks.


Greenshag Bespoke


Canucks retro hockey stick cuff links


Canucks rink links


Sterling silver Canucks retro hockey stick cuff links


Canucks retro money clip


Johnny Canuck vintage cuff links


Johnny Canuck money clip


Canucks mix and match cuff link set

Canucks inspired retro cuff links, money clips and ties from GreenShag Bespoke


Every night is hockey night in Vancouver as we are right in the thick of the Stanley Cup Finals. In fact, all across the country hockey fans are cheering the Canucks on.


Former Vancouverites, Neil and Victoria McPhedran, owners of the now Toronto-based GreenShag Bespoke, are showing their true colours with a snazzy range of retro Canucks inspired cuff links, money clips and ties.


In-store and online sales have spiked since the Canucks made the playoffs as hockey fans from across Canada show their support. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but Neil is hopeful (and cautious) about future 2011 Stanley cup pieces. “We’re thinking about a special edition if the Canucks win. But we don’t want to jinx things!”


Sure, a Canucks jersey and cap are good for watching the game and having a beer, but what about when you want to dress it up a bit? Bring your love of the game into the office or out on the town with these retro pieces and celebrate the playoffs in style.