Granville Fashion Relay going strong!

Meet the latest donner of Granville's travelling blue Nixxi scarf.

Credit: Hilary Henegar

Deanne Beattie, editor of Sad Mag, in her favourite spot in Vancouver.

Meet Deanne Beattie, the latest Vancouverite to rock the Granville Fashion Relay

Back in April we decided to send a custommade blueberry-blue Nixxi scarf on a journey around the Lower Mainland. We asked each of its temporary owners to wear it in his or her own way at a favourite local hangout, then post a photo on Facebook.

And boy, have you treated our little scarf well, Vancouver! You brought out your creativity, your expressive flair and even your wind machine. Hi-5!

The latest owner of the scarf continues to impress. Deanne Beattie is the editor of Sad Mag, a snazzy indie arts and culture magazine based in Vancouver. Donning the scarf with a cropped blazer with adorable cap-sleeves, Deanne also introduces us to the beautiful 100-year-old Wenonah Building in Mount Pleasant. Great stuff!

We can’t wait to see the scarf’s next adventure. You can follow its journey at the Granville Fashion Relay Facebook page. Be sure to check back often!