Green kicks

Credit: Fluevog/Redd Trinidad

Shoe fetishists take heed: John Fluevog, who has been designing funky lines of shoes for decades, is now appeasing Mother Nature with Earth Angel, his latest collection of eco-friendly footwear.

“We are trying to give a variety of customers a variety of options to suit their particular needs, beliefs, eco-standing and height,” says Fluevog, with a touch of his signature humour.

Green-minded footwear fiends can walk their talk with the heavenly Earth Angels: Ariel for the gals and Ezekial and Gabriel for the guys. Soles moulded from biodegradable latex, the use of water-based adhesives that don’t off-gas, and chrome-free vegetable-tanned leather uppers make these shoes good for your soles, and your soul. “The Earth Angels are a shoe with a very small footprint, no matter what your shoe size,” notes Fluevog.

John Fluevog Shoes,
837 Granville Street, Vancouver.