Local designers nominated for Design Forward ecofashion award

See who gets Granville's nod.

Credit: Nicole Bridger

Of the local designers nominated for Fashion Takes Action’s Canadian ecofashion award, Nicole Bridger gets my vote

The local fashion scene really has me excited these days. Designers are pushing boundaries, trying new tricks, manufacturing locally and embracing eco techniques to improve the footprint of their wares. So I can’t help but be proud by the news that seven of Vancouver’s own fashion designers have been nominated by Fashion Takes Action for the Design Forward Awards, which recognize designers who represent the driving force of ecofashion in Canada.

Local designers in the running for the FTA Design Forward Award include Nicole Bridger, Nixxi, flora&fauna, Elroy, Salts Organic, Lav & Kush and We3 (twigg&hottie)—all familiar names to the CitizenSTYLE blog.

While I love each of the designers nominated—Nixxi for its lush-to-the-touch fabrics, flora&fauna for its body flattering cuts, Elroy for its urban sophistication, Salts Organic for its sharp West Coast sensibility, Lav & Kush for its romance, and We3 for its simplicity—Nicole Bridger gets my vote.

Voting closes Friday, April 16!

Vote for the nominee you feel most deserving of recognition for sustainable fashion design by this Friday.

To learn more: Click on the links to read about what qualifies each of these Vancouver lines for the award: Nicole Bridger, Nixxi, flora&fauna, Elroy, Salts Organic, Lav & Kush and We3 (twigg&hottie).

Fashion Takes Action:


Nicole Bridger‘s designs are well crafted and grown up, her fabrics breathable and light. And the versatility of each piece in her collection means you can take it to the office, to the park and out for drinks without a need for a wardrobe change. But it’s Nicole’s skill with draping that really sets her apart. Her fabrics lay beautifully on the body, bestowing an effortless elegance that is hard to imitate.

I caught up with Nicole to find out more about the award, her line and her green cred.

(Full disclosure: Nicole is also a regular guest blogger for Granville, posting tips for raising an organic baby for our Organic Baby Guide.)

Why do you think you were chosen for this award? 

They were looking at eco designers and contacted me asking me a few more details about my manufacturing and sourcing, etc., just wanting to see how eco we are. I guess we passed the test because we were chosen as one of the nominees. I think that we are a legit eco clothing line. For me it’s not a gimic, it’s just how I am, so I think that’s what they were looking for.

What sets your designs and your method apart from the other nominees?

Definitely my draping technique is very different from most designers. It creates a very unique and flowy kind of look. Also I’m constantly striving to find more sustainable fabrics; we now have organic wool, which I’m very excited about. Also, we manufacture locally.

Why is it important to you to use sustainable fabrics?

It’s just logical in this day in age that we be more responsible. Once you are educated on the state of the planet you cant just turn it off—you end up living it more and more. So naturally when I created my own company it had to be green minded.

What other sustainable design features does your line have?

For the most part right now its the fabrics and manufacturing locally. But as we grow there is a lot of opportunity to be even more green. Whether it’s working in green buildings or creating co-op factories or profit sharing.