Marni for H&M Launches in Vancouver

Designer collaboration Marni for H&M brings a bold, sophisticated spring wardrobe at a surprisingly affordable price tag

Credit: H&M

Excitement is building for the March 8 launch of Marni for H&M

Designer collaboration Marni for H&M brings a bold, sophisticated spring wardrobe at a surprisingly affordable price

Every once in a while a Vancouver shopper gets the chance to lasso the moon: an affordable designer collaboration lands on our side of the border. This spring, the most exciting designer collaboration is Marni for H&M, which launches March 8 at H&M in the downtown Pacific Centre.

Marni is the fashion cognoscenti’s go-to label for bold yet elegant prints, exotic necklaces and statement platforms. If you’re still racking your brain about Italian labels, or perhaps confusing Marni with Prada, let’s be clear.

Prada is an Italian institution founded in 1913 that’s known for elegance and craftsmanship with occasional geek chic. Marni is a distinctive cult-label launched in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni that has become one of the hottest runway tickets worldwide.

Marni for H&M spring 2012 (Image: H&M)

About the Marni for H&M collection

Marni for H&M is a modular wardrobe for men and women designed by Marni founder and creative director Castiglioni. The designer embellished essential pieces such as loose dresses, shirts, tops, cardis, slim jackets, flared skirts and pajama pants with bold, playful prints.

The colour palette is pragmatic and the fabrics are all natural. Think dark gray, navy blue, olive and khaki interspersed with flashes of rust, orange, gold and pink. Marni for H&M collection uses crisp cotton, taffetas, silk and leather instead of cheap synthetics. Despite this, price points start at a reasonable $24.95 and extend only to $130 for the floor length dresses.   

Where designer collaborations can often present hard-to-pair statement pieces, the Marni for H&M wardrobe is surprisingly versatile. Everything goes with everything. Slender shirt-and-skirt ensembles add a quirky ladylike note – immediately toned down by the relaxed ease of the parkas and sporty zip-up blousons. Knits display funky constructivism: silk-front cardigans sport a knitted back and pair effortlessly with cropped pajama pants and graphic leggings. Lilac gold brocade is treated as a casual material for flared skirts that transition easily from day to night.

Marni for H&M spring 2012 (Image: H&M)

About the Marni Accessories Collection

The Marni for H&M accessories are nothing but fun. Play with sequined shirt collars used as necklaces and pile on the art deco resin bracelets. Jewels made of zyl and rhinestones have nutty, sculptural shapes. Footwear includes flat explorer sandals, wooden-platform open-toe slingbacks and metallic pumps with wooden soles and a stack heel.

Director Sofia Coppola makes the Marni for H&M commercial, pictured with Marni creative director Consuelo Castiglioni. Image: H&M

Marni’s Celebrity Appeal

Which celebs love Marni? The LA-launch of Marni for H&M drew Freida Pinto, Drew Barrymore, Milla Jovovich and Winona Ryder, who undoubtedly got her swag in a gift bag and didn’t have to steal anything. Meanwhile hipster darling Sofia Coppola made the Marni for H&M commercial. If that doesn’t give a designer some street cred, what does?