Michael Nathanson

Credit: Peter Holst

I call it “end-of-season fashion-forward.” I can’t afford to go out and buy everything that’s the latest and greatest, so I hit the sales. But if there’s something out there that is really fabulous, I’ll make the splurge – especially with shoes.

You’re into shoes?
I love shoes. I get that from my father. He couldn’t afford to spend an awful lot, but he always looked terrific and the one thing he spoiled himself with was shoes. In fact, I have way more shoes than my fiancée. If we’re showing people our condo and open our walk-in closet, they go, “Oh my god, that’s his side?”

How many pairs do you have?
All told, about 30 pairs. That includes my running shoes, cycling shoes and
my drumming shoes. When I’m performing with my band, Windows ’78, I wear jeans, a T-shirt and running shoes.

So this is your work look.
Yeah. We have a business-casual environment, although everybody has to look really good. This is a Ben Sherman brocade jacket I found on sale at Macy’s in Los Angeles. I had to have it because I really liked the detail. It was about $125 with the U.S. exchange. I got this Zenia shirt at Club Annex on Davie Street for about $90. It was a smoking deal. The jeans were half price for about $125. I picked them up at Club Annex, too.

Is the shaved head a reaction to thinning hair?
Yes, I’ve been shaving it since 1997. I think nothing looks worse than when
it’s thinning and you’re clinging to it. There’s a commentator for the NHL who has the worst thinning hair on the planet. It’s worth watching Hockey Night in Canada just to see what people shouldn’t do if they’re thinning.