New Year’s Eve Fashion Guide

Close out 2011 in style! Whether it's a little black dress or something a bit more fashion-forward, here's how to dazzle for the New Year's countdown.

Credit: Zara

Whether you’re party hopping or staying in, here’s how to dress the part for New Year’s Eve

Now’s the time to pick the perfect New Year’s Eve attire. Whether you’re party hopping, attending a formal dinner or curling up on the couch, Citizen Style has got you covered. Here are your festive New Year’s style options.

Left: Tempest Dress by Dace. (Image: Dace) Right: Floral dress by Zara. (Image: Zara)

Lovely New Year’s

The lovely New Year’s option means soft lines, loads of texture and flowing movement. Think chiffon, satin, delicate floral prints and lace. The lovely-girl party look works well for intimate cocktail soirees, dinner with friends or even sitting on the couch. For the couch potatoes out there, remember these frocks are comfy: feel free to pair with woolly slippers.


Left: Joe Fresh fringe mini. (Image: Joe Fresh) Right: Deborah Lippman “Shake your groove thing” polish. (Image: Deborah Lippman)

Perennial Party Girl New Year’s

From Edie Sedgewick to Lindsay Lohan, the perennial party girl favours sparkle, glitter and short hemlines. Pair a brief sequined or metallic-fringed mini with a plain top—the contrast will maximize impact. Add towering heels and Deborah Lippman’s razzle-dazzle, formaldehyde-free nail polish in “Shake your groove thing.”


Left: Zara asymmetrical dress. (Image: Zara) Right: Topshop midnight velvet tuxedo blazer. (Image: Topshop)

Statement New Year’s

The statement making party girl is like Honey Badger. She doesn’t give a sh*t if the dress makes her look sexy or svelte. She picks her look for pure artistic aesthetics. This doesn’t mean a statement garment isn’t attractive; it certainly can be.


But it will have the element of surprise, from an exaggerated silhouette to a wild print. It can even be gender-bender androgynous, like formal menswear.