Nicole Bridger Launches Flagship Boutique in Kits

Local eco fashion designer Nicole Bridger has opened her first retail store here in Vancouver.

Credit: Candace Meyer

Nicole Bridger opens up about eco-fashion, diversifying, the Spring/Summer 2011 collection and her brand new boutique


Nicole Bridger is a local eco fashion all-star; her cred is impeccable. She grew up on Van’s West Side. She scooped up the first ever Canadian Eco Fashion Designer of the Year award from Fashion Takes Action in 2010, giving the designer the chance to show her Spring/Summer 2011 collection in New York.

Nicole Bridger’s flagship boutique

10 a.m. – 7 p.m.


2151 West 4th Avenue




Now the socially conscious entrepreneur, whose pedigree includes a stint interning for Vivienne Westwood and experience designing for Lululemon Athletica, has opened her first Nicole Bridger retail location at 2151 West 4th Avenue.


The boutique, like the designer, is all about sustainability, reflected in the reclaimed wood, recycled resin chandeliers and repurposed armchairs that personalize the modern white space.

Nicole Bridger’s collection at Aveda Eco Fashion Week this February
(Image: Flickr / Jason Hargrove)


Granville calls Nicole the day before the May 7th flagship launch for some quick, convivial, shop talk.

Q: How did you choose your retail space and who designed it?


Nicole Bridger: I was looking for a space for a while and they just weren’t right, until this opened up. It was magical. It’s not only the ideal location, it’s 1,000 square feet, which is my ideal size. I wanted to go where my customer is. The designer is Kate Cannata of New Leaf Interiors. It’s a funny story. I actually googled “green interior design in Vancouver” and she was the first name. Kate got my vision completely. I will use her for all of my stores.

Q: What are your long term plans for Nicole Bridger? Are you looking at opening more retail locations? How many stores carry Nicole Bridger?

NB: We’re thinking of another West Coast location, this time in L.A. We’re a West Coast kind of brand. I’m really hoping it happens in the next a year. We have less than a dozen retailers right now. The wholesale market has been reluctant. Some stores don’t want eco, and stores that carry eco don’t carry designer eco. They have a price point lower than ours. Whenever you’re ahead of the curve, the trail is more difficult.

Q: Have you ever thought about doing a kids line?

NB: It’s only a matter of time before we eventually diversify. I’d like to do babies, menswear and house & home. I want Nicole Bridger to be an ethical lifestyle brand.

Q: Tell me about designers you admire when it comes to their ethos and expansion as a label.

NB: One company I respect is Eileen Fisher. She’s not completely green but she’s certainly conscious. She opened stores wherever she felt she had a market.

Bridger won Canadian Eco Fashion Designer of the Year award from
Fashion Takes Action in 2010 (Image: Flickr / Jason Hargrove)

Q: What is your favorite piece from your Spring/Summer 2011 collection “Reconnect”?

NB: The Surrender dress from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection is so comfy it feels like butter. I wear it as a cute summer day dress and then out for cocktails. I have it in three colors.

Q: What are some of your favorite Vancouver restaurants and shops—the local places you frequent?

I love to eat out. L’Abbatoir is my absolute favorite. Paul (Grunberg) is my great friend—I’ve known him since high school. And Pair Bistro on 10th and Alma. Some of my old favorites are Chambar and Me & Julio.

Q: Tell me more about where you shop.

I don’t shop often. When I do, I buy my Coclico shoes from Gravity Pope, which I just found out are sustainable. I get Paige Denim from Lynn Steven in Gastown. For jewelry I like local designer Shereen De Rousseau.