Nicole Bridger’s Edgy Show Kicks Off Vancouver Eco Fashion Week 2013

The popular local designer turned expectations upside down with a gender-bending opening show

Credit: Peter Jensen

Local designer Nicole Bridger’s thought-provoking show launched this year’s Eco Fashion Week

Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week (Oct. 6-10) kicked off Sunday night in head-turning fashion.
Nicole Bridger’s fall/winter 2013 women’s collection, titled “You Are Not Alone,” was presented in an eye-catching, gender-bending way. Instead of women on the catwalk, the collection was worn by an assortment of male models. With the edgy twist, Bridger aimed to challenge the audiences’ perception of what a fashion show should be.

“The purpose was for the audience to go on a journey where I provoked them to pass judgment and then witness themselves doing that,” says the designer. By the end of the show, Bridger wanted the audience to ask “Why can’t that be beautiful?”

Bridger was a natural choice to open the event, thanks to her line’s strong commitment to sustainability. Bridger uses renewable and biodegradable fabrics from all over the world, including wool from a Global Organic Textile Standard-certified factory in India, organic cotton woven in Portugal, and linens grown in Belgium.

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Jersey Dresses

These perfectly draped dresses should be a staple item in every woman’s closet. The style is both relaxed and stylish, and can be worn in casual and more upscale environments.

Being a mother and entrepreneur, adaptable outfits are something Bridger knows many women struggle with when getting dressed in the morning. “Everything is comfortable,” she says of her collection. “It’s my thing. It has to be comfortable; you have to be able to wear it work, then wear it to cocktails, and then throw it in the wash!”

Flowing Jackets and Cardigans

The comfortable theme continues with Bridger’s jackets and cardigans. The goal was to create items that could be thrown over any outfit to be cozy at home, but the pieces still need to have an office-appropriate look. Staying true to her sense of style, Bridger says, “Our stuff is ready to wear. I’m not doing haute couture, and I never aspire to.”

Jewel Tones

“The inspiration dictates the mood and the mood will dictate the colour palate. This collection is mostly jewel tones – something that I don’t usually do – and there’s a strength behind that,” says Bridger of the colours she chose for her fall/winter collection. These rich hues are stunning on their own, but also complement the rest of the darker pieces in her collection.

Black and Gray

To balance out the beautiful rich jewel tones in much of her collection, Bridger paired many of her coloured items with black and grey separates. These darker tones always make a comeback when the weather starts to turn chilly, and they continue to be classic because they can be mixed and matched with the rest of your wardrobe.

Nicole Bridger Stuns at Eco Fashion Week