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Gastown's Planet Claire houses locally grown ecofashion labels.

Credit: Planet Claire

Gastown’s Planet Claire houses locally grown ecofashion labels for men and women


Having just penned a post about the totally amazing trunk sale at Planet Claire this Thursday, it occurs to me that some of you may not know about this lovely little haven of ecofashion in Vancouver.

Planet Claire is an independent boutique nestled in the heart of Gastown. The owner of this gem of a store is Claire Lindsay Burke, a former social worker whose passionate commitment to ethical, sustainable fashion and social responsibility is most inspiring.

Planet Claire

51 Powell St, Vancouver



Everything you see at Planet Claire has been carefully picked by Burke, who not only ensures that all the clothing and accessory pieces are in style and made sustainably (which she defines as using organic fabrics, manufactured through fair trade, or supportive of local community), but that men and women from sizes 2–22 are catered to.

The majority of labels carried are designed and made in Vancouver, such as Nate Organics, Flora & Fauna, Adhesif, Elroy and Diane Kennedy. A selected amount of high-quality consignment clothing is also available.

Also of note is the Soi Disant collection, which is designed in Montreal and made in a factory in Bethlehem that helps a group of women who live in small villages and refugee camps in the war-torn West Bank to rebuild their lives through skilled and fairly compensated labour.

Burke is also a firm believer in supporting local independent artists, whose works are prominently displayed in the store and form an integral part of the eclectic decor.

Check out the (solar-powered) website to see other featured designers.

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