Pop in for some retail philanthropy

SCOOP is all about looking good and doing good.

Credit: Davinia Yip

Vancouver pop-up store SCOOP is all about looking good and doing good

For the next few weeks, Vancouver stylistas will be descending on Kitsilano to savour sweet finds in accessories, home décor, and the latest fashion from Vancouver, New York and L.A.

SCOOP is a pop-up store that can only be described as a whirlwind of a shopping bonanza. Started in 2004, it is run by Vancouver entrepreneurs Deb Nichol and Michele Sinclair. The stores pop up twice a year only, in the summer and during Christmas, and every time it’s at a different location in the Lower Mainland, open for only about six weeks.

I went to check it out on opening day, and the place was abuzz with energy. Thrilled shoppers were busily browsing through the great variety of fine, eclectic wares—which, happily, were all quite affordable. Deb confirms that the store has a very loyal fan base that just keeps on growing.

It’s obviously a big hit. So why just stay open for six weeks?

“Because otherwise we’ll just be another store,” she laughs. “I’ve run full-time stores for many years, and it just got boring.”

With this innovative format, however, “We’re an event, something for people to get really excited about.”

And because merchandise turnover is high, fresh picks arrive frequently to keep up the wow factor.

But wait! There’s more.

Scoop, Vancouver pop-up store

‘Philanthropy’ by the latest SCOOP

“We are in the business of consumerism, and we want to give back,” Deb says.


SCOOP + Philanthropy



2239 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver

(Where Duthie Books used to be)

Here for six weeks starting on June 2. Open daily from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

How? By doing what they do best.

When you head into the Kitsilano store, you’ll see that it is actually divided into two halves. The front half features SCOOP, and the other half showcases ‘Philanthropy,’ which stands poised to benefit from SCOOP’s momentum.

What is ‘Philanthropy’? Deb and Michele have sourced a variety of high-quality home goods and fashionable pieces from local stores and designers. The items come either through donation or consignment. 80 percent of the gross profit from these sales will go to local charities Arts Umbrella and the Canucks for Kids Fund. Current contributors include Mimi & Marge, Wear Else, Christine’s Lingerie, Sunice (specifically clothing designed for the 2010 Winter Olympics), LivingSpace, and Da Vinci’s Home, and the search for more continues.

“Some people come just to shop at Philanthropy!” Deb and Michele are confident that their goal of raising $50,000 for the designated charities will be surpassed.

The pop-up store benefits local communities, too. Wherever SCOOP chooses to open shop, it quickly drives new traffic to the neighbourhood, which is heartily welcomed by nearby businesses.

If you’re in need of some retail therapy in the coming weeks, head to Kits and add a scoop of Philanthropy while you’re at it!