Re-Fashion Vancouver: Get Deep Discounts on Unworn Designer Clothes

Cash in on your closet and refresh your personal style at Re-Fashion Vancouver, the shopping event for new duds at deep discounts

Credit: Re-Fashion Vancouver

Re-Fashion Vancouver

Re-Fashion Vancouver takes place April 21 at Yaletown Roundhouse

Cash in on your closet and refresh your personal style at Re-Fashion Vancouver, the city’s only spring-cleaning sale

I’m not even going to ask you to ‘fess up to making a bad web shopping purchase. I will assume you are guilty. We all do it. We have a little faith in an image and give away our credit card details. Then something goes wrong. It looks different. It fits oddly. It doesn’t fit at all. It’s too complicated and pricey to return. We’ll mail it next week . . .

Add that stack of unworn clothing to the purchases that looked better in the store, or will fit after the SeaWheeze Marathon, and you get the gist. Most of us have a pretty large stash of neglected new or almost new items. But what to do with them?

That’s precisely why Victoria Ronco, a Vancouver creative who dabbles in leatherwork and jewelry design, created the fresh, and arguably overdue shopping event, Re-Fashion Vancouver.

Re-Fashion Vancouver in A Nutshell

Re-Fashion Vancouver is a chance for fashionable Vancouverites to cull their closets of unworn duds and sell them to the like-minded style savvy. The one-of-a-kind event takes place April 21, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., at Yaletown Roundhouse Exhibition Hall. The general rule of the re-sale: If an item has been worn more than three times you can’t sell it at Re-fashion.

Brands that will be available at the sale include: Aritizia, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Coach, Holt Renfrew, Club Monaco, BCBG, Nine West and more. Find the full list here. Shoppers, make sure and bring plenty of cash to the sale. This isn’t a credit card-style retail blitz.

Re-Fashion as A Seller

I plan to participate as a seller because I live in a condo and condos are not garage sale friendly. When I try to resell clothes through consignment shops, the list of seasonally accepted items is prohibitive and I end up spending tons of time hauling clothes around to different locations while giving away most of my cut to the middleman.

If you’re interested in participating, don’t sit on your keister. Sellers should apply for a space at Yaletown Roundhouse by March 1. The cost of a seller space at Re-Fashion is $60 and you can share your space with friends as long as everyone’s stuff fits. The seller spaces are 6′x6′ and include one clothing rack (fits approximately 45 full hangers) and one chair. Additional tables are available for $10.

Re-Fashion as A Shopper

In short, it’s a prime chance to score new duds at deep discounts. While consignment store shopping is a scavenger hunt, Re-Fashion Vancouver is akin to shooting fish in a barrel. Admission is $3 at the door.