6 Fashionable Finds at Re-Fashion Vancouver

Vancouver's spring cleaning fashion re-sale unites sellers in need of a closet clean-up and buyers looking to adopt like-new garments

One fashionista’s blunder is another’s delight at Re-Fashion Vancouver. Here’s your chance to cash in on like-new fashions

We all do it: we fall in love with an article of clothing that just doesn’t quite work, but we buy it anyway.

Maybe it’s a pair of shoes that are half a size too small, but we think, “Well, the socks I’m wearing right now are so thick! I’ll just wear different socks and they’ll fit like a glove!”

Or maybe it’s that almost perfect dress that doesn’t zip up all the way, but we buy it as a reminder (and a reward) to lose those last five pounds.

But alas, these items hang in our closets indefinitely taunting us and making us question our prudence.

The Re-Fashion Fix

Victoria Ronco has just the solution for this fashion conundrum: sell those clothes! Sometimes a garage sale or consignment store is not an option, though, so with the help of her best friend and business partner Dave Kelly, Ronco organized the first Re-Fashion Vancouver last spring. A great success, the event is returning for round two on April 20, 2013. from 10 am – 5 pm at Yaletown Roundhouse Exhibition Hall. Admission is $5 at the door.

More than 80 sellers will be opening their closets to shoppers hungry for discounted brands from Burberry to Coach to French Connection to Versace. All of the items for sale are either brand new, or have been worn no more than three times. Most of the sellers accept cash only.

Meet the Sellers

Ronco and a few sellers were willing to give us a sneak peek at their favourite never-worn pieces: why they bought them, why they never wore them, and who would look best in them.

Click through for a preview of apparel that needs a new home.

Credit: Victoria Ronco


Victoria Ronco has a whole closet of clothing to sell at her event this year. Here’s a small selection of what she calls her “closet art.”

Cranberry Swing Dress – Unknown Australian Designer

“I bought this online and as you can see, it still has its tags on. [It] looked absolutely beautiful but didn’t fit in the bust. A slim girl would do well with this one; it just wasn’t for me.”

Beach Dress – Juicy Couture

“I bought this online from BeyondTheRack and the size said ‘small’. When it arrived and I tried it on, it was just too big for me. Even though the fabric is stretchy, it didn’t hug my curves or look flattering with my figure, and I didn’t love the fabric either. Another failed online purchase that still has its price tag on.”

Credit: Victoria Ronco

Blazer and Suit

Houndstooth Spring Jacket – Forever 21

“I bought this online after watching the entire first season of Mad Men. I was inspired and thought I might be able to make the ’50’s look work. But no matter how many times I’ve tried it on over the past three years, it’s never made it out of the apartment.

“It just doesn’t suit me, and the bold print is distracting on someone who has a petite frame like I do. I still absolutely love it and wish I could rock it, but I’m pretty sure it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Olive Green Plaid Cropped Pant Suit – Le Chateau

“[This set has] been hanging in my closet since the day my mom bought it for me – with the tags still on. It is far more beautiful in person, with gorgeous lace detailing and a rich olive green suiting fabric.

“Petite girls don’t do well with pants that end mid-shin. It makes us look even shorter, and when you’re 5’0″ like me, you just can’t afford that kind of optical illusion. The suit jacket is a bit too long in the torso for me – so combining that with cropped pants that make me look even shorter than I really am. This suit became a beautiful piece of closet art.”

Credit: Jennifer Yu

Jackets and Jeans

Jennifer Yu, Tami Knepper,Rosanna Crame Gurjal, andLauren Mateo offer a glimpse at the clothing and footwear they’ll be giving up (not so easily!) at this year’s event.

Jennifer Yu

“When Aritzia came out with these cropped jackets, I completely fell in love with them and ended up buying a few. The store must’ve had about half a dozen of the same jacket in different colors and patterns.

“The jacket pairs so well with a dress or skinny jeans and a top. Unfortunately, I found it much easier for me to pair the solid-colored one with my clothes and neglected to wear the patterned ones.

“I live in jeans after work and on the weekends so I have a habit of buying too many pairs. The issue is there are only a handful of jeans that my body feels the most comfortable in so I end up wearing the same pairs all the time.

“I have come to the conclusion that it’s time to do something with the jeans that I never wear. You will see probably over 30 pairs of jeans for sale at my booth alone!”

Credit: Tami Knepper

Moschino Dress

Tami Knepper

“This is a vintage Moschino dress that I absolutely obsessed over for the longest time. I bought it on a whim in New York and dreamt of it being my go-to piece for weddings or special little parties.

“Unfortunately it never ended up fitting me just right, but it would be perfect on a petite girl with a short torso. You’re just going to die when you see it in person!”

Credit: Rosanna Crame Gurjal

Louboutin Shoes

Rosanna Crame Gurjal

“I purchased these Christian Louboutin Prive 120 Glitter/Specchio Slingbacks in Anthracite directly from Neiman Marcus‘ website without ever trying them on. They have never fit me properly and I’ve never worn them out of my closet.

“Heartbreaking for me, but a steal for another size 7.5 who likes glitter. Originally $775USD, yours for $500. P.S. I accept credit cards.”

Credit: Lauren Mateo

Equestrian Boots

Lauren Mateo

“I’ve always wanted a brown pair of equestrian boots and found these hiddengems at a recent sample sale. Although they weren’t my size, I thought Icould pull them off with thinner socks. Not so much!

“They’re so comfortable and versatile, with a pair of skinny jeans or a bohemian dress. I hate to part with them, but they’ll soon have a new home!”

Head over to Re-Fashion Vancouver this weekend to refresh your wardrobe and adopt a neglected garment or two as your own.