Scratch this: iKill Vinyl

Video: Giving old vinyl records a fashionable new life.

Credit: Clayton Cooper

Emily Livingston gives old vinyl a fashionable new life with her iKill Vinyl line of kitschy handbags


Taking old scratched records from a friend in the UK and asking “What can I do with these?” ended up changing both the fate of the records and the fate of Emily Livingston’s career.


Letting her imagination take flight, Emily turned what were destined for the garbage bin into one-of-a-kind purses and clutches.


She suggests everyone follow her example and keep a “creative box.” Every time you feel wary about throwing something out, don’t. Keep it and see what you can make with it, she says.


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VIDEO: Emily Livingston on the inspiration behind iKill Vinyl

Emily shares insight into her creative process from the November 2009 Make It! Vancouver craft fair.


Video by Becky Gavigan,