Six International Designers to Catch at Vancouver Fashion Week 2014

Save yourself a long-haul flight and take advantage of the amazing lineup of designers showcasing trends from around the world

Credit: Vancouver Fashion Week

Six Days, 60 international designers from 25 countries

Vancouver Fashion Week 2014 includes a large contingent of international designers who are young, passionate and eager to show off their sartorial prowess. Vancouverites, this is your chance to get a first-hand, up-close look at what some of the best emerging designers from around the world are creating for the runways.

Noe Bernacelli, Peru

Not to be missed is Noe Bernacelli from Peru. His designs are the epitome of haute couture: thoughtfully designed, classically beautifully, exquisitely tailored clothes that will make anyone look regal. He understudied with the late, great Gianfranco Ferre while learning the craft in Milan, which is evident in his near-architectural and beautifully detailed pieces.

Hong Kiyoung, South Korea

Hong Kiyoung is a young designer from Seoul who describes his aesthetic as “minimalistic exaggeration with street.” He definitely has a love of contemporary art and embraces change as creative inspiration, so be prepared for well-tailored pieces that push the boundaries of what you’re comfortable with. His clothes are a modern, funky fusion of high-street wear and classics.

Credit: Nadia + Zehra

Nadia + Zehra, UK

Twins Nadia and Zehra hail from the U.K. but draw on their Italian and Turkish heritage for creative inspiration. They are young, bold and unflinchingly brave with their designs, which in the past have incorporated – among the full palette of primary colours – Lego bricks. Yes, Lego.

Credit: Mario Young

Mario Young, France

Mario Young is the new kid on the runway, but he comes with a pedigree that includes work stints with fashion heavyweights like Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. His menswear collections are eclectic in a vibrant and youthful, Parisian way. He’s a designer to watch for those who yearn for an avant-garde edge in their wardrobe.

Credit: Takaokami

Takaokami, Denmark

Takaokami references a Japanese rain god, perfect for this line of uber-cool rain gear line by Danish duo Emma Jorn and Nikolaj Bak. The collection is inspired by the cool, quirky street style of Tokyo but made for the chilly, rainy Nordic climate. It’s feminine, urban and bike friendly – could this be any more perfect for Vancouver? Jorn’s collection includes a beautiful rain dress, a hat the size of an umbrella and a rain skirt specifically designed for cycling.

Credit: Soojin Lee

Soojin Lee, South Korea

London-based Soojin Lee has been a designer to watch ever since her first exciting collection. She is classically trained (Central Saint Martins), already has a celebrity client (Lady Gaga) and for an “emerging” designer consistently draws big crowds (standing room only). Her designs embody clean lines with complex, exquisite tailoring and feature what is becoming her signature 3-D print patterns. Her clothes are modern but wearable, haute but accessible.