SLIDESHOW: Flora & Fauna at BC Fashion Week (Spring/Summer 2010)

Highlights from the spring collection of ecofashion designer Flora & Fauna.

Credit: Ian Sheh


Model Kathryn Mary being prepped for the catwalk by expert makeup artist Randy Chartrand.

Credit: Ian Sheh


Model Brandi Alexander here in Flora & Fauna’s futuristic aubergine shift dress. Necklace by deedeebird. Photo by Ian Sheh.

Credit: Ian Sheh


Looking just as dreamy and elegant as a cocktail, model Madison Hamilton in a crisp sleeveless romper. Earrings by Design+Conquer. Photo by Ian Sheh.

Credit: Ian Sheh


The first recorded use of the word “purple” was in the year AD 975. Here model Tianna Pawlychyn breathes new life into old hue in Flora & Fauna’s flirty mini dress. Necklace by deedeebird. Photo by Ian Sheh.

Credit: Ian Sheh


Designer Pauline Siu takes a well deserved turn on the runway under the watchful eyes of catwalk queen Stacey McKenzie. Photo by Ian Sheh.

BC Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2010 – Generation Next 

Flora & Fauna designer Pauline Siu opted out of York University’s sociology program to study fashion design at Ryerson and hasn’t looked back since.

A career in mass garment production opened her eyes to the harsh realities of the business (i.e., off-shore factory conditions and child labour). So when it came to designing her own line she wanted to do things “the right way.”

By using sustainable fabrics and ethical, local production methods, Sui endeavours to give back to the environment as much as she takes.

Read more about this committed local ecofashion designer: 

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