California-based Lifestyle Brand Splendid Opens First International Store in Vancouver’s Pacific Centre

Searching for the perfect tee? You'll likely find it at the new Splendid store in Vancouver

Credit: Splendid

You might find the perfect tee in Splendid’s first international store in Vancouver’s Pacific Centre

Splendid appeals to both genders with sophisticated basics made from super-soft natural fibres

The quest for perfect basics is never over. Forget seasonal frippery. These are the wardrobe essentials your BFF or spouse borrows and never returns; the kind you actually wear out: the holy grail of style. Lucky for us, US retailer Splendid just opened its first international shop in the Pacific Centre, bringing effortless casual wear a little closer to home.

In the fitting room during a slow weekday lunch hour, I heard a half dozen women exclaim how excited they were about the launch. And I mean women. Splendid is like American Apparel for adults.

The California-based label began with the quest to create the perfect T-shirt, which it accomplished using a kitten-soft blend of supima cotton and micro modal (beech fibre) textiles. Since then, it’s expanded into a full line of clothing for women, men and children, which is carried in upscale retailers including Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Barneys and now downtown Vancouver.

While Splendid has a factory in California right next door to American Apparel (the hipster magnet known for sketchy pseudo-pornographic ads and body suits), Splendid upgrades West Coast favourites with luxury natural materials and chic silhouettes that easily transition from office to weekend wear.

That lean T-shirt that dresses up and down; the staple blouse you can tuck in or leave out; a maxi skirt that doubles as a dress; the pants that pair with everything; that’s Splendid for women. The new Vancouver store also carries Splendid’s menswear.

Browse some of my favourites below and let me know what you think. Are you excited about Vancouver’s newest retailer?

Splendid’s 3/4 Sleeve Shirting Top for $88 in Almond (left) and signature Very Light Jersey V-Neck Top made with supima cotton and micro modal (beech) fibres for $48 in Copper. (Images: Splendid)

Splendid’s 100% cotton Tie Waist Tank Dress for $98 in Boysenberry (left). The Modal Lycra Long Skirt for $88 (right) doubles as a strapless dress and is maternity friendly. (Images: Splendid)

Splendid is known for playing with stripes. Here’s the new Chesapeake Maxi (left) in Toffee/Navy for $158 and Capeside Tank (right) for $64. (Images: Splendid)

I know red pants are all the rage, but Esquire and I vote for nautical blue. Here’s Splendid’s Crest Cotton Pant (left) in Wave for $128. My husband is a fan of the super comfortable Double Cloth Button Down Shirt (right) in Nantucket Red for $138. It’s vintage washed, comes in 10+ colours and is softer than a pat of butter in the summer sun. (Images: Splendid)