Spring 2014 Style Trends

With spring on the horizon, we take a look at some of the season's hottest fashion trends

Credit: Shopbop

A dozen new spring trends to update your wardrobe this season

Spring style trends for 2014 offer a fresh palette of colours and a return to some silhouettes we haven’t seen in a while. The theme is definitely fun, fresh and youthful: tops are shorter, bottoms are longer, prints are bolder and textures are richer.

A few key pieces might be all you need to transition into the new season, especially with items that capture several trends in a single garment such as a graphic floral tunic or a pair of dressy athletic pants with tuxedo striping (stay with me) or a pastel crop jacket.

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Credit: Gap

Pretty Pastels

Soft shades of pastels were all over the spring/summer 2014 catwalks and you can see this trend in nearly every store from high-end couture to high-street retailers. Minty green has already been popular for a few years, but now you can just as easily find pale sky blue, ballerina pink and sherbet peach.

Credit: J. Crew

Wide-Leg Trousers

After a couple of seasons of skinnies, wide-leg trousers are making a comeback. They’re infinitely more elegant than the unforgiving skinnies, almost like wearing a long skirt. Don’t shy away from this versatile garment if you fear looking frumpy. Look for trousers that have a higher waist, fit snugly around your hips and that are hemmed perfectly (so take heel length into consideration). Anything that’s hemmed too high or pools around your ankles is going to look sloppy. They’re also inherently swishy, so choose fabrics that flow and move, like linen and silk.

Floral Frenzy

Floral patterns are everywhere this spring, but think: bold, graphic and colourful. There are no shrinking violets here. Part of the freshness is the almost brazen juxtaposition of colour and bold graphics used to create these florals. There’s definitely no mistaking these for camo; you won’t be blending into the background with these prints.

Credit: Aritzia

Cropped Jackets

Cropped jackets were also all over the runways, but specifically, they were collarless and definitely not moto or jean jacket types. The silhouette is fairly classic (cropped and boxy) and pairs well with the longer hemlines in both trousers and skirts. 

Sheer Panels

Sheer panels are everywhere this season, giving familiar items a fresh textural interpretation. You can be as bold as you dare with tops that will require some (ahem) strategic reinforcements before your public début; or you can choose more conservative tops with sheer sleeves or shoulder details. 

Credit: J.Crew

Tuxedo Striping On Trousers

Who wouldn’t love a little lengthening help from tuxedo stripes on the sides of their trousers? Besides giving the illusion of longer and leaner legs, they look cool: a little bit sporty, a little bit more modern. Trousers sans tuxedo stripes? Pfft… that’s so 2012.

Credit: J.Crew

Midi Length Skirts

Yes, longer (or, shorter if you’re coming from the maxi) midi hemlines are de rigueur, hitting somewhere between mid-calf and upper-ankle. Now those crop tops and jackets are beginning to make more sense, see? Again, it’s about proportions and balance, so as long as you keep your top on the shorter, more tailored side, you’ll avoid the dreaded frump. 

Credit: Minimum

Graphic Arts

Prints are making a statement this season, with graphic, artful, colourful designs. They’re bold and attention grabbing. Don’t overthink this one – wear what you gravitate towards and have fun. Even better if it’s all a bit mismatched; Spring is the time to get creative!

Credit: Rachel Roy

Cut Outs

Cut-outs and peek-a-boo detailing are another big trend this spring. The effect is a very feminine and delicate silhouette. Yes, you’ll need to layer and put a little bit more thought into these pieces, but their impact will be well worth the effort. Plus, you have the option of layering different colours to vary the effect.

Credit: J.Crew

Shift T-Shirt

The shift T-shirt is half T-shirt, half blouse. It’s a bit tunic-y, but with more structure and shorter sleeves. This style of top is unbelievably flattering on everyone and instantly updates an outfit. It’s smart and deceptively simple, which means you can easily transform it from officewear to girls’ night out.

Credit: Club Monaco

Dressy Athletic Trousers

Yes, dressy athletic trousers are a legitimate fashion garment and are gathering momentum this spring. It’s definitely a step up from yoga pants and probably just as comfy, so they’re definitely worth investigating if you’ve ever been caught running around town in your yoga gear.