Step inside the closet of an ecostylist

Vancouver ecostylist Myriam Laroche creates new looks with fabulous vintage finds.

Credit: Davinia Yip

Vancouver ecostylist Myriam Laroche puts a new spin on vintage clothes

There are days when I relish the thrill of the hunt in vintage and second-hand stores. But there are also days when I feel quite daunted by the task of sifting through all the pieces of wide-ranging styles.

After all, vintage shopping is an art. Even though the end results are well worth the effort, spotting the hidden gems—and making them work!—usually requires a bit of effort.

That is, unless you’ve got the helping hand of Vancouver eco-stylist Myriam Laroche.


What is an ecostylist?

“I find good-quality vintage clothes and create really chic, fashionable looks,” says Myriam, who’s been working in fashion for 15 years. She admits that for a long time the environment was not on her radar. “I just wanted the latest trends, and I was paying lots for it.”


Pictured above, below: One of Myriam’s re-created looks—suede jacket with snakeskin detail along the shoulder and collar, over an A-line dress and silk scarf as a belt.jacket detail


But that changed about two years ago when she moved to Vancouver and realized she could have the best of both worlds. “There is so much fashion to discover in vintage,” she enthuses. “There’s a great look at every price. So it’s really not necessary to have so much waste to look good.”


Welcome to Myriam’s Closet

Myriam spends long hours patiently scouring thrift stores like Value Village or the Salvation Army store to find well-made, one-of-a-kind pieces for her collection, Myriam’s Closet.

Her Vancouver studio is filled with a dazzling mix of clothes, shoes and accessories in all manner of hue and style. There are often designer pieces too, including labels such as Lanvin, YSL and Ralph Lauren.

Clients can enjoy a comfortable, private shopping experience with free consultation, browsing through Myriam’s fabulous finds, trying on outfits, and discussing style choices over coffee in a fun and relaxed setting.

“Buying second-hand to me is one of the most eco-friendly ways to be fashionable. Because it’s already there!” she says, reminding us, “There’s no more manufacturing needed. Even organic clothing requires production.”


Unearthing sartorial diamonds in the rough


dress  shorts

Myriam has a keen eye for unearthing those sartorial diamonds in the rough, knowing which items she can mend to turn “meh” into “wow.”

“Sometimes a little alteration makes all the difference,” she says of the many store-finds that make a pit stop at the sewing machine before being added to Myriam’s Closet.

To illustrate, she quickly put together a couple of ensembles, with vintage pieces from head to toe:

The dress pictured on the left was originally floor-length. “You probably would’ve thought ‘grandma dress,'” Myriam smiled. “But just taking the length away makes it hot.”

Similarly, the sexy high-waisted shorts pictured on the right were tailored from a pair of Bermuda shorts.

She makes it look so easy…


Become your own ecostylist

For those who would like to try dabbling in vintage styling for themselves, Myriam offers some pointers:



Gorgeous purses and scarves from

Myriam’s collection.

1. Dress properly for the shopping excursion: wear a plain tank top, leggings and easy-to-remove shoes to maximize efficiency and minimize clashing when trying on items.

2. Grab everything that inspires you at first glance.

3. Once you have a good-sized pile, take a moment to do an evaluation. Take out pieces that you’re not 100 percent sure about.

4. Don’t stress yourself out by trying to put together a whole outfit with vintage pieces—that may sometimes be difficult. Keep an eye out for statement pieces that can be easily paired with simple basics you already have.

Just keep an open mind,” Myriam advises. “Try at least one thing and almost always you will be pleasantly surprised.”