Style Lab: The Lowdown on Fabulous Fall/Winter Shoes and Accessories

Make sure you've got the right accessories and shoes for fall.

Vancouver style insiders pick the key fall/winter pieces from local boutiques


Runway trends are convenient, but nothing beats the advice of a style insider, like a boutique owner or retail buyer, if you can track one down and tickle them until they spill the beans.


That’s what I had to do to write this blog post. What I found out is that not only are the style-savvy brat pack well ahead of the aesthetic curve, they know other secrets, like what’s going to stay chic next season and which accessories will endure vigorous wear. Read on to hear their top picks for fall/winter.


Board of Trade Co.

Boutique: Board of Trade Co., 227 Union Street, 778-318-9697
‘hood: Chinatown
Style Expert: Owner David Lin


.30 Caliber Sling Necklace by Amaly Narong, $88 (above image): “Amaly Narong (Oak + Fort designer and jewelry craftswoman) found an ammunition belt and pulled it apart to make these one-of-a-kind, reclaimed necklaces. No two are the same!” exclaims David Lin. This sharpshooting, androgynous statement pendant is also available in double-clipped brass.


Walther Tassel Loafers, $190 (above image): “These light, hand-sewn loafers are for men but we’ve got women coming in from all over to purchase them, sometimes in more than one colour.” says Lin, who isn’t averse to wearing them himself and doesn’t believe in gender boundaries in style.


“We’re really laid back, comfortable and minimalist. What we love is menswear-inspired womenswear.”


One of a Few

One of a Few

Ashley Watson purse, $310, Rachel Comey Zindler Oxfords, $398. (Image: One of a Few)

Boutique: One of a Few, 354 Water Street, 604-605-0685
‘hood: Gastown
Style Expert: Stylist and model Candice Ho Lem


Ashley Watson purse, $310: No matter what decade you rock, fall is all about repurposing retro silhouettes, and Ashley Watson bags pair well with multiple eras.


“Ashley Watson bags like the Viero, which is made from recycled leather jackets, work for the 1970s hobo look,” says Ho Lem, “but we are also still very much in the 1990s.” Ho Lem is sporting a full-on nineties glam maxi-skirt with a sheer blouse and a chain strap Watson bag in the image above.


Rachel Comey Zindler Oxfords: Menswear-inspired footwear, like the two-toned Rachel Comey Zindler Oxford, make denim dapper and turn neutral, masculine knitwear into a dandyish ensemble. “We’re seeing lots of collared shirts and tailored pants with fun oxfords and even ankle boots,” says Ho Lem.




J Shoes Lace Up Heeled Booty, $170, Satomi Brass Double-Finger Ring, $175. (Image: Moulé)


Boutique: Moulé, 1994 West 4th Avenue, 604-732-4066
‘hood: Kitsilano
Style Expert: Retail buyer Sabine Piehl


J Shoes Lace Up Heeled Booty: “The little black bootie is flying off the shelves,” says Piehl. “We’ve had to reorder it a few times. It’s insanely popular.” The booty is also available as a flat, hightop oxford and a heeled boot sans laces.


Satomi Brass Double-Finger Ring: With jewelry, our clients are going for the handcrafted double-finger rings. I’d call it pretty punk,” explains Piehl. “They’re making a playful statement, because when you look at the Satomi ring closely, it’s not a knuckle duster, it’s quite delicate.”