The Fashion of Trevor Linden

I don't know if it's wool. It's whatever Dolce & Gabbana makes suits out of.

Credit: Peter Holst

Vancouver’s all-time favourite Canuck dishes on his duds.

Do hockey players wear a lot of suits?
This is what I wear to work, pretty much. In Vancouver we’ve always worn suits and ties to games and on the road; when we go into an airport or check into a hotel we always have a suit and tie on. That’s pretty much the uniform.

Do you like it?
Yeah, I don’t mind it. I always think I’m proud of the way we walk through an airport. I’ve heard lots of people comment on our appearance, that it’s very professional. I think it’s part of representing something you’re proud of.

Where did you pick up this suit?
From Mark James. It’s a Dolce & Gabbana that cost about $1,650. I don’t know if it’s wool, or what it is. Whatever Dolce & Gabbana makes suits out of, that’s what it is.

Do you shop at Mark James a lot?

I usually shop there for formal stuff. My wife owns a clothing store called Basquiat in Yaletown, so I get well taken care of at her store for more relaxed stuff.

And where are the shoes from?
I got them at Prada in Chicago for about $500. We actually had a couple of days off there this year, which is kind of rare. It can be a little bit dangerous, walking up the streets around Michigan Avenue – from the credit-card standpoint, not from a personal safety standpoint.

What do you think of the new Canucks uniform?
I think they definitely nailed the colours; I think they represent the West Coast. I think they did a great job and managed to tie in everything about our past.

Do you think they’re stylish?
Oh, absolutely!

Who’s the most stylish guy on the team?
Alex Edler, being as young as he is, I think he’s got good style. Mattias Ohlund and Markus Naslund – they’re all well-dressed as well.

Who’s got the worst style?
You’re trying to get me in trouble, huh? I’m going to pass on that one.