The Granville Fashion Relay

Wear it your way and pass it on!

Credit: Karla Lim, Whitebox Studios

How many ways can you wear a scarf?

That’s what we’d like to find out in the inaugural Granville Fashion Relay.

When Vancouver designer (and FTA Design Forward Award nominee) Jada-lee Watson of Nixxi put an oh-so-soft scarf of the absolute most gorgeous blue in our hands, we did the only thing that made sense—pass it around.

The goal of the Granville Fashion Relay is to pass this scarf from one person to another and see how each individual would incorporate it into his or her own unique style. And because we live in such a beautiful city, we ask that participants wear the scarf at a favourite local hangout, then post a photo and share the experience. It’s all about creativity and community!

Granville Fashion Relay

Find out more about the Granville Fashion Relay and become a fan!

We’ve created a Facebook page so we can follow the scarf’s journey around town. And we’re off to a great start! We have been blown away by the flair and expressive edge of the participants so far.

Check out the awesome photos and check back often to see new updates.


Want to take part in the relay?

Have a great idea for the scarf and itching for a turn? The Granville crew will be at the Once Loved Threads Frock Swap on May 2. Come on down and get your photo taken for the relay!