To romp or not to romper?

Do you have to be a supermodel to rock the romper?

Credit: Elroy Apparel | Lav & Kush

Left: Blythe denim romper from Vancouver sustainable clothing line Elroy Apparel. Made of 100% Tencel. Right: Summer jumper from flirty local label Lav & Kush. Made of 55% linen, 42% rayon and 3% Spandex.

The romper seems to be everywhere for spring/summer 2010. But is it for everyone?

Rompers and jumpers have been popping up in stores for the last couple of years. Touted as one of the hottest styles for spring and summer 2010, these one-piece wonders both fascinate and, frankly, intimidate me.

I personally love the look and idea of them. They just exude such sweet playfulness and precious charm, as if just by wearing them would bring out the sunshine. But at the same time they also appear to be challenging pieces that demand a well-toned physique—which, ha, continues to elude me.

So I went to try on a few one day. And boy, talk about an ego beat-down! They seemed to compress my torso visually and either drew attention to all the wrong parts or rendered me completely shapeless.

Forget it! I huffed. You have to be a leggy supermodel to pull off this look.

Though not if you ask Angela Saxena, founder and designer of Lav & Kush, a made-in-Vancouver collection of comfortable lux. Angela has received rave reviews from customers for her Summer Jumper (pictured top right). She relates that those who are initially uncertain about the style are usually pleasantly surprised.

“When you find the right fit, it can actually be quite flattering for a range of body types,” she notes.

Angela emphasizes that the cut and the material can make a crucial difference. If you are a little self-conscious about being bottom-heavy, for example, you may want to stay away from rompers made of jersey or other softer, clingier fabrics.

The Summer Jumper is made of 55 percent linen; this provides a firmer structure which, coupled with a roomier cut around the hip, allows for a more versatile and flattering fit.

Ah, maybe I just haven’t found the right fit. And the search continues!

Designs by Lav & Kush can be found online and at select boutiques, including Body Politic, Fine Finds, Granville Island Organix, Tenth and Proper, and Riot.

Will you be sporting rompers this summer?