Vancouver Ecofashion: Leather luxe redux

Dad's old leather jacket become daughter's hot new bag under Ashley Watson's sure-scissored, luxe and redux command.

Credit: Ashley Watson

Dad’s old leather jacket become daughter’s hot new bag under Ashley Watson’s sure-scissored, luxe and redux command.

If Ashley Watson had the virtue of patience, her eponymous collection of leather bags wouldn’t be gracing the shoulders of the well-heeled in Vancouver, New York and L.A. Impatience, she says, is what led her to seize some scissors and slice up one of her dad’s old leather jackets to bring her impulsive idea to life.

“The material already had a history, and using the pockets and seams that had been in the jacket before was really an interesting starting point for me,” says Watson who scours charity thrift stores for leather. “I ended up really liking the result—the worn quality and the fact that I wasn’t starting with anything new.“

The fully lined bags feature front and inside pockets and a snap closure. Each style of bag is named after a species of B.C. bird, and Watson cuts up the pieces in different ways so they each have their own special details. Choose from the Kestrel, Wren, Swift and others, plus a selection wallets made from recycled leather.


Ashley Watson

Find Ashley Watson’s bags and wallets at One of a Few in Vancouver and Not Just Pretty in Victoria.