Vancouver Fashion Week: Canadian Designers to Watch

Designers from across the country showcase their clothing and accessories at Vancouver Fashion Week

Credit: Flickr/Kris

Six Canadian designers worth checking out at this year’s Vancouver Fashion Week

Vancouver Fashion Week 2014 includes 13 emerging Canadian designers from Victoria to Thunder Bay. VFW is largely regarded as the fastest growing fashion week in the world and our Canadian designers are helping to establish this event as a must-see in the fashion circuit.

Here are six Canadian designers not to be missed this season.

Credit: Grandi's Atelier

Grandi’s Atelier, Vancouver

For beautifully tailored dresses inspired by silhouettes from the 1920s and ’30s, do not miss Grandi’s Atelier. The line focuses on gorgeous, lust-worthy frocks – from cocktail attire to evening gowns – all crafted with sumptuous fabrics. The dresses are classically vintage but are combined with modern fabrics, patterns and textures.

Credit: Lisa Loveday

Lisa Loveday, Thunder Bay

Lisa Loveday’s designs embrace a neo-grunge element that should feel right at home in Vancouver. She incorporates elements of upcycling to create pieces with a vintage feel. She’s not afraid of texture and will often shred, weave and bleach her fabrics to create the type of texture that will enhance her love of draping and folding. Not for everyday wear, her pieces are bold and for those looking to make a statement.

Nina Tan, Vancouver

Vancouver designer Stephanie Hung can always be counted on for versatile, pretty pieces for the modern woman. “The Nina Tan woman is feminine and a confident beauty,” describes Hung. Her collections are always a solid representation of what modern, active women need in their wardrobes and include well-tailored and well-priced cocktail and evening dresses.

Credit: Papillon

Papillon, Vancouver

Despite Hannah Matiachuk’s background in theatre costume design, she creates very wearable, approachable clothes for Papillon. Her designs here are simple, pretty and stylish and look like they’re ready to walk off the runway and into a (stylish) café near you.

Gardé Del Avante, Toronto

Gardé del Avante by Ghana-born Naanafya is an exhilaratingly bold line of “neck and body décor.” Her creations are so uncompromisingly large, complex, architectural and futuristic that they transcend your notions of traditional necklaces (and body harnesses, if you have any preconceptions of these). Her hand-crafted pieces commonly incorporate masses of feathers, belt buckles and chain mail.

Credit: Evan Clayton

Evan Clayton, Vancouver

Vancouverite Evan Clayton is a hometown favourite to watch. His clothes might not be the most wearable or practical, but if you approach the collection as visual art, you’ll get it. He has a real knack for textures, draping and layering.