Victoria Beckham Promotes Her Fall 2012 Collection at Vancouver’s Holt Renfrew

Fans and media wait hours to see the fashion designer formerly known as Posh Spice

Credit: Felice Bisby

Victoria Beckham shows Vancouver what fashionably late really means when she arrives at her Holt Refrew photo opp

Victoria Beckham shows Vancouver what fashionably late really means when she arrives at her Holt Refrew photo opp

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…it’s for Victoria Beckham to be on time for the Vancouver launch of her Fall 2012 Collection!

12:30 pm: Victoria Beckham, the woman formally known as Posh Spice, is due to arrive at Holt Renfrew’s downtown Vancouver store to promote her Fall 2012 women’s collection. The press was ordered to arrive promptly at 12:30 for the photo call, for which we were duly herded into the press pen.

Some photogs were there beforehand to get the front row view, annoyingly so as most of them were six-feet plus. Not great for this blogger, who barely clears five and half feet in heels!

Fitted dresses with sporty stripes and collars characterize Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2012 Collection

1 pm: Tick tock, tick tock. In the world of celebrity and fashion, one can be fashionably late. But waiting was getting to be very painful for me. Not only had I ditched an important live Euros football match-up between England and Sweden, but more importantly, I had not had time to eat lunch.
1:45 pm: It’s getting tense in the press pack. Rumours are swirling. Is Victoria stuck in customs? Is she coming from Surrey or YVR? Is she watching the game? The Holt Renfrew PR flacks are as useful as a chocolate teapot. “Oh she’s on her way – just held up at customs.” Well yes, we’d all got that story from Victoria herself, as she helpfully tweeted pictures of herself getting primped on the plane.
2:30 pm: I’m getting really really hungry now; blood sugar levels are falling rapidly. It’s getting really hot in the store and I’m beginning to wonder if makeup tastes good to eat, eyeing the Sisely counter hopefully. Perhaps that’s how Posh stays so thin?
2:35 pm: The shout goes up: “She’s in the building!” Hallelujah! A wave of excitement goes through the large crowd of fans behind us. They have been waiting just as patiently, some since 9 am.

I’ve managed to ease my way through the throng of photographers and am now crouched below a TV camera. I’m at the front when Mrs. Beckham finally walks onto the small stage rigged up for the photo op.

Her tiny form shows off one of the dresses from her collection – a royal blue-and-navy-striped-body-hugging number. She poses for the crowd, one Louboutin-booted foot in front of the other while holding a beautifully colour-co-ordinated clutch. She’s rockin’ the Katniss braid, and check out the bling on her wrist and finger.

Pose, pose, pose. And she’s gone again. She doesn’t say a word, but leaves a perfect picture.

Images from the Holt Renfrew Fashion Show

Beckham’s brief appearance was followed by a private fashion show for select Holt Renfrew customers. Here’s what they got to see.

Soldier red/black double crepe v-neck stripe fitted dress/Moonstone double crepe polo shift and zip collar raglan coat (Images: George Pimentel)

Her designs are dominated by sporty and military looks but with a body-con silhouette. The silhouette is accentuated by the addition of a thin double-wrapped belt. Ultra-luxurious details are in the gold buttons and clasps.

Black structured wool linear coat with pale gold hardware/Black double crepe polo shift (Images: George Pimentel)

While Beckham styled the models with tough biker boots and thick socks, she chose to wear her dress with sky-high stiletto-heeled Louboutin boots.