What’s your fashion statement?

This eco-forward clothing line has a message you can spread with style.

Credit: Bill Hawley

Nate Organics’s eco-forward clothing line has a message you can spread with style

Adam Katz knows how to make a fashion statement:

“Welcome to the Reign of Terra

“Respect Your Elders” (set against a graphic backdrop of tree branches).

“Conserve” (playing on the ubiquitous commercial icon).

These are the type of tongue-in-cheek messages and evocative imagery you can expect from his line of organic cotton tees.

The self-proclaimed “terra-ist” is a friendly, laid-back, fun-loving guy who wants people to become interested about caring for the environment. And he’s found a way to start the conversation.

“The message is the main thing, but the way you get it across is just as important,” Adam explains. “You get people to say, ‘Hey that’s a funny shirt’ and take it from there. I want people to be walking mantras, to help raise awareness.”

Adam was first introduced to eco-conscious living by his basketball coach John Harrison (who is now the president of Ecotrend Ecologics, a local healthcare products distributor). “He basically told me, ‘You can pay now or you can pay later.’ There’s no way around the fact that our well-being is tied to the earth. If we don’t take care of the environment, it will catch up to us, so it’s better to start doing something now.”

Nate Organics Hat

Adam began to think about how he could actualize his new-found inspiration through his fashion-forward creativity. In 2004, he started Nate Organics, an eco-minded clothing line that sends a message in comfort and style.




Sustainably made statements

Having found out that more than a third of a pound of pesticides is used to produce just one pound of conventionally grown cotton, Adam doesn’t want his line to have such negative environmental impact. He upholds stringent standards when sourcing his raw materials, ensuring that they come with accredited certification as being organic. He also tries as much as possible to source his materials and manufacturing services locally or from within North America. Panel Dress

Made from combed and ringspun cotton, with a premium 30-single thread weight, Nate Organics tees are soft to the touch and wear very well. They are breathable, comfortable and durable.

Furthermore, the inks that Adam uses to screenprint the stylish graphics are water-based and free of PVC and petroleum. You can tell by the smoothness of the surface as you run your hand across the shirt. As Adam advises, “If you can feel a lot of bumpiness in the ink print, then there’s PVC.”


Upcycled hats

Re-Find. Taking quality vintage silk ties, he upcycles them into unique accents for hats, tanks and dresses.


Oh, yes, the dress!

Taking old t-shirts that he has in storage, Adam cuts them into asymmetrical blocks which he then sews into modish dresses, finished with silk-tie accents. Talk about recycling with flair!

Keep an eye out for the Re-Find line at Planet Claire, Tutta Mia, and All Things Being Eco.


Vancouver is so close

Response to Nate Organics has been great, and Adam is optimistic about the future of ecofashion and earth-friendly living in general. He does emphasize that there is still work to be done.

Nate Organics Giveaway!

Click here for a chance to win a dress from the Re-Find line or a Conserve men’s tee!

“People in Vancouver are eco-minded, yes, but we need more people to stick their necks out. We need more ‘follow your dreams’ people.”

“You can make a difference. You just need to start. Then do a little bit more every day.”