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Gifting a Sweet Flower Dream

Artisan studio WA MOGA 29 showcases handcrafted, one-of-a-kind herbarium aroma diffusers that celebrate the art of gift giving

Artisan studio WA MOGA 29 showcases handcrafted, one-of-a-kind herbarium aroma diffusers that celebrate the art of gift giving

Imagine a dream, experienced at night or in the day—a dream of simple but beautiful elements of nature, captured and held in a single moment in time. Like a wistful memory, the dream fades bit the feeling remains.

This is the essence of the Sweet Flower Dream Herbarium Aroma Diffuser Collection from WA MOGA 29, a Vancouver-based artisan studio that has brought to the city something it has never seen before.

“It is our passion to create a thoughtful gift, something meaningful and beyond just labels,” says Reiko Katayama, owner and artisan at WA MOGA 29. “We want our customers to be able to build great memories by gifting our herbariums to their loved ones.”

The Diffuser Collection is much like a dream—colourful and vivid, reflecting the beauty of nature and the emotions that come with it. They are crafted to ignite a total sensory experience. The texture of the tag and packaging is made to awaken the senses. Hand-selected wild elements, arranged in a way no one else on earth has seen, delights the eyes in preparation for the beautiful aroma that immediately connects the item with its space.

The citrus diffuser is lightly scented with bergamot, grapefruit, and ylang ylang, and brings fresh, clean energy to a space to balance and lift the spirit.

Choose lavender and sandalwood to spend a thought-filled moment of self-reflection in the calm where peace and balance reside, or escape into a sensual world filled with beauty and timeless elegance with Bulgarian rose.

Each 300 millilitre bottle is made up of a completely unique collection of wildflowers, high-quality natural oil and 10 to 12-inch diffuser reed sticks to carry the scent into your space.

The Herbarium Aroma Diffuser Collection is deeply inspired by traditional Japanese design, which values beauty, nature and function. For centuries it has embraced the notion of wabi sabi—the appreciation of natural impermanence and imperfection.

“With all of our bottles, we strive to marry beauty and nature in subtly playful compositions that capture the essence of each flower,” Katamaya says. “We also enjoy wabi sabi ‘mistakes,’ such as a tiny petal falling to the bottom of a bottle. As in life, sometimes our mistakes turn out to be the best part.”

Also at the heart of each creation is passion for the art of gift-giving. “We feel so happy thinking of the joy a gift can spark,” Katayama says. “We value the bond that is created when we give a gift we have chosen with thought and care.”

“It’s more about being one-of-a-kind instead of becoming number one so we’ve been very careful to build our own brand identity,” Katayama says. “Our design philosophy is deeply inspired by Romanticism.”  

Even the packaging is personal. Katayama loves good packaging—that which is thoughtful, creative, and sustainable—and if she finds a good one, she will keep it. This is why she chooses to design and create her own beautiful and functional packaging for the herbarium products.

“I take packaging personally,” she says. “It completes the product. I start each design from a simple sketch and develop it, sometimes for several years, until it is ready.  I love to think about people enjoying looking at the patterns and colours and feeling the texture. The tube is meant to be used for something else, so it is not branded and there is always a beautiful story behind it.”

Katayama has been working diligently on the diffuser collection almost since day one because it has been highly requested. 

“I want to encourage people to be imaginative and creative,” says Katayama. “We know the world is changing and it is becoming more challenging to live peacefully. I wanted to create something positive and give people a break from such a stressful life.”

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