Luxurious Must-have Camping Accessories

Take some of the struggle out of camping with these luxe pieces that make outdoor adventures a breeze

Credit: Facebook / Gallant & Jones

Camping in the rough not an appealing option? Try glamping with these seven couture accessories

Camping isn’t for everyone. The bugs, the dirt and the dampness – it can be a real struggle for those who are a little less than outdoorsy. These eight luxe accessories can turn camping from drag to glam.

Gallant & Jones Deck Chair

This local Vancouver company specializes in handmade deck chairs that are optimized for outdoor living. Their simple, beautiful design and foldable wooden frames make them easy to transport and set up at any campsite or park.

Cost: $275.00 to $295.00

The Glam Camping Company Lanterns

The Glam Camping Company makes camping fun and fashionable with their large catalogue of products that can withstand the elements and look good doing it. Keep your campsite bright and cheerful with pieces from their lantern collection.

Prices are in UK pounds, available for purchase and shipping online.

Cost: Anywhere from $8.00 to $50.00

Credit: Facebook/ Hudsons Bay

Hudson’s Bay Company Blanket

The Hudson’s Bay’s infamous stripes are simply irresistible on this cosy woven wool blanket. Sizes range from Twin to King, making it roomy enough for stargazing or snuggling fireside.

Cost: $295.00 to $495.00

Credit: MEC

MEC Dishes

These plastic dishes from Mountain Equipment Co-op, with designs by Guyot and Aladdin, are the perfect solution for camping. Their bendable, smooth material makes them easy to clean and their collapsible capability is ideal for packing. 

Cost: $17.00 to $19.50


Credit: Roots

Roots Footwear

Go exploring in these brown leather boots and socks from Roots. Their classic design makes them fashionable for every season and the design is excellent for comfort and durability.

Cost: Boots $228.00, Socks $18.50

Credit: Flickr/ IronRodArt

The Hang Out Place Hammock

This Vancouver hammock company has been hanging out on Granville Island for over 15 years. Many of their hammocks are handmade and imported from Central and South America, while others are made locally – like their signature “Hang Out” hammock chair. Swing into Summer with one of these comfy camping must-haves.

Prices vary, average $100-$200

Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Speaker

What’s a good campsite without some sweet tunes to set the mood? This portable speaker system, which has wireless range for up to 50 clicks, is water-resistant and can be taken anywhere, plus the 360-degree range means you’ll be nodding your head and tapping your toes no matter where you are.

Cost: $219.00