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Mint Interiors Offers Distinct Furniture that Adds Character to Your Home

The new Mint Interiors offers one-of-a-kind pieces from across the globe  

Credit: Image: Terry Guscott

The owners of Mint Interiors have their picks for the best pieces available in store | Terry Guscott

Mint Interiors, which opened last fall, offers Vancouverites unique pieces to spice up your home decor

Looking for a quirky piece to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your home? Say, a stool in the form of a lamb named Scotty?

Scotty is just one of many distinctive pieces you’ll find at Mint Interiors, which opened its doors in Vancouver’s up-and-coming Armoury District last fall.

Owners Michael McNamara and Rien Sharma honed their eye for design by dressing up high-end homes for their company Revamp Home Staging. And after eight years of hearing “Where can I buy this?” from delighted homeowners, they created Mint to share global finds. The resulting in-store display: “Cool one-of-a-kind and practical pieces,” says Sharma.

Michael McNamara and Rien Sharma (right), owners of Mint Interiors. (Image: Terry Guscott)

Top picks for fun and funky pieces from Mint Interiors

Splurge: Aviva Stanoff cushions
Handmade in Brooklyn, real botanical objects are pressed into luxurious fabrics (a “velvet memory” technique) to create tactile and evocative pillows like Eucalyptus on Fuji.

Steal: Wonderland candleholders

(As in Alice in Wonderland.) Made from ornaments found in English antique markets and then cast in iron, these porcelain-looking pieces are pure whimsy.

Quirky Pick: Diva ostrich console table

From French design house Ibride, this Diva makes a statement showing off her long avian gams. Or there’s Owen (sheep table) and the popular Scotty (lamb stool) …. It’s a coterie of creatures as furniture.

Favourite Find: Cuckoo clocks.

The Italian Cucú is a traditional cuckoo re-imagined in some very-now colours like magenta and orange, or mirrored for some unexpected sparkle.

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