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Much and Little’s Remarkable Home Decor Selection

Visit Much and Little on Main street for exotic carpets, French bistro glassware and odds and ends from all over the world

Credit: Claudette Caracedo

The homey, rug-laden interior of Much and Little

Much and Little on Main Street offers unique decor items that will liven up your home

Cross the threshold at Much and Little and you enter a jewel-box-like space filled with everything from cute trinkets (like fuzzy little bunnies) to luxurious textiles (like thick Pendleton blankets).

In fact, you even tread across gorgeous exotic carpets with evocative patterns and hues from one end of the store to the other.

The carpets on display are part of storeowner Sarah Savoy’s personal collection, but she has similar ones for sale from Afghanistan and Iran. She calls them “functional art.” And, if you don’t find the just-right rug, she’s happy to source one for you too.

The point here is that just about everything is unique. Walk out of here with one of these statement-making textiles and you’ll know it’s the only one in the city.

Of course, off-the-shelf items are part of the mix too. Like classic French bistro glassware. You’ll find these glasses in just about every schoolroom in France (the tempered glass is virtually unbreakable), and now at Much and Little.

Savoy selects each piece herself, finding things by flipping through print and online magazines and blogs and on her travels. She carries rubber boots from Japan, enamelware from Austria, slippers from Chile and bird-callers from France.

The Chilote House Shoe from Chile and Daiichi Wellie
from Japan

Balancing this international selection is a remarkable collection of local goods. Wooden watches (light and chunky at the same time), handcrafted leather wallets (thick and substantial), chunky butcher-blocks (made out of planks of wood from old Vancouver Police stables) – and those fuzzy little bunnies.

Savoy, who once trained and worked as an interior designer (and a yoga teacher!), even has some of her own artwork available.

Her inspiration is quality craftsmanship, pieces that tell a story and reveal a process. Whether it’s the fair-trade Chilean slippers made with free-range Patagonian wool and upcycled salmon leather or the modern incarnation of an exquisite ’30s-era shaped and hued butter dish.

Since opening in the hip SoMa district (South Main) of Vancouver, she’s gained a loyal following, both female and male – after all, Much and Little has one-of-a-kind pieces for just about everyone. It’s an in-store treasure hunt.


Gift/goodie bags in assorted sizes, the perfect
wrap for party treats

Splurge: Iconic Bauer butter dish, based on original ’30s-era design. $61.95

Steal: Stackable set of six French-bistro-cool Duralex Picardie Tumblers. $19.95

Bestseller: Sydney Hale Co. hand-poured soy-based candles with gorgeous scents like Fir and Blue Sage (and 10 per cent of all profits go to animal rescue).

Store Favourite: “I like things that are done just a little bit differently,” says Savoy. Case in point: One of her current favourites, wooden watches made in Coquitlam. $95 – $150

Our Pick: The Chilote House Shoe from Chile or the “utilitarian-chic” Daiichi wellies from Japan (that roll up for travel or storage!). $62 and $135

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