12 Luxury Holiday Gifts to Impress

While price can play a part in how we define luxury, none of these items was picked solely based on cost

We’ve got the most indulgent gifts to spoil your loved ones with this year

These luxury gifts are breathtakingly impressive. The grand reveal might be over in minutes, but these items are guaranteed to delight and dazzle well beyond the holiday season. While price can play a part in how we define luxury, none of these items was picked solely based on cost. What they all have in common is that they’re best in class. Luxury isn’t just about price, but about how quality items can bring us joy not just on special occasions, but every single day.

1. Snowflake Diamond and Akoya Pearl Necklace by Birks, $175,000Snowflake Diamond and Akoya Pearl Necklace by Birks

This is a one-of-a-kind, made-to-order, 18-karat white-gold and pearl necklace with only one currently in existence. Inspired by the beauty and grace of winter’s first snowfall, this exquisite necklace is equally at home paired with an evening dress for a black-tie gala as it is tucked under the collar of a white button-down shirt for brunch. The delicate pairing of hand-placed diamonds and pearls complement and elevate one another to create a truly hypnotic masterpiece. This is Birks’ first-high jewellery collection, which was years in the making. Designed in Canada by Canadian artisans and produced in Italy, this necklace was designed as wearable art and meant to be as functional as it is beautiful. This piece showcases 2,147 diamonds (H colour, SI clarity), 42 pearls and has a total carat of 33.11. The clasp itself receives equal attention and once secured, blends seamlessly to create an impossibly fluid and complete piece. This is the epitome of Canadian luxury.
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2. Heathered Cashmere Hardcore Sheet Bundle by Brooklinen, starting USD $677

Heathered Cashmere Hardcore Sheet Bundle by BrooklinenThis is the gift that nobody needs, but everybody wants. We all know how much time we spend in bed, yet quality sheets are often overlooked. Enter: cashmere. Weave just five percent cashmere into your bedding and suddenly it’s like you’re sleeping on a superfine, plush blanket. Five percent might not sound like a lot, but think about what five percent spandex does for denim or nylon for wool. This small amount can reinvent the base fabric, and that’s exactly what cashmere does here for cotton.

Cuddly, luscious and extravagant, these still wash and dry like regular sheets in the washing machine and dryer. The heathered cashmere fabric is available through two bundles: the core set, which includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases; and the hardcore set, which includes everything in the core set plus two extra pillowcases and a duvet cover. When dealing with cashmere, go hardcore. Get the complete set because your duvet needs to be encased in cashmere for full effect, and you deserve to be swaddled by it all.
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3. Rejuvenating LED Light Therapy Face Mask by Ember Wellness, $425Rejuvenating LED Light Therapy Face Mask by Ember Wellness

The ability to have a treatment at home that minimizes fine lines, evens skin tone, stimulates collagen production, reduces acne bacteriaand even boosts your moodis absolutely possible thanks to this LED face mask. The science behind LED light therapy is proven and first got the attention of NASA in the 1990s when they studied its effects on promoting wound healing in astronauts by helping cells and tissues regenerate. Not all LED light masks are the same though; details like wavelengthsmeasured in nanometersare crucial and this mask meets all the criteria for delivering safe and effective results.

The rechargeable mask itself is a flexible silicone, meaning it comfortably wraps around your face keeping the lights as flush to skin as possible. The control device is tethered at a comfortable length so you can keep it in your pocket or beside you, and easily click to cycle through the options (red, blue, mixed), each lasting 10 minutes, with one to two cycles recommended (do two). If you’re not sure where to start, the red light therapy is a perfect all-rounder. If you have acne or maskne (mask + acne), the occasional blue light option is a good choice to add into the mix. And while this is marketed and designed for the face, applying this to other parts of your body is an option.
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4. Small GG Pet Carrier with Web by Gucci, $4,725Small GG Pet Carrier with Web by Gucci

This is the ultimate accessory for your ultimate companion. Unmistakably Gucci, this pet carrier will rival any handbag for attentionand value once occupied. Presented in signature beige and ebony GG Supreme canvas with iconic green and red web and brown leather trim, this bag is as functional as it is stylish. It has a front flap opening, back flap with mesh window and opens at the top and side, which makes for a cozy home-away-from-home for your small pet (suitable for animals up to 6 kg). Personalize this with monogramming to make it truly theirs.
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5. Metallic Heated Mug by Ember, starting $199.95Metallic Heated Mug by Ember

Perfectly warmed mulled apple cider or a hot toddy, best sipped and savoured without rushing, are now possible in Ember’s beautiful, award-winning temperature-control mugs. Their gleaming metallic collection (copper, silver, gold and rose gold) is especially festive and makes coffee, tea and hot cocoa all the more indulgent during the rest of the year. Time truly is a luxury, and the small detail of not having to rush to finish your drink might seem insignificantuntil you’ve had the undeniable pleasure of sipping at your own leisurely pacein a gorgeous vessel no less. It’s beautifully weighted but not heavy, and will keep your drink at optimal temperature for more than an hour on the move (and indefinitely if you use the charging coaster). Control the temperature through an app and once you’ve turned on your mug and set your preferences, it stays on and sleeps when not in use, jumping back into action once it detects a hot beverage being poured. Smart and pretty.
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6. Wood Baby Sleigh by Streamridge, $209.99Wood Baby Sleigh by Streamridge

Treat your little one to a magical ride through a winter wonderland in this vintage-inspired wooden sleigh. It measures just under three feet long (35.5 inches by 17.5″ inches x 12.25 inches) and weighs 10.1 pounds. Traditional red and black plaid fabric provides water-repellent protection and covers the fully waterproof foam back pad to keep tiny hands, feet and bottoms dry and comfortable. Made of sturdy Ontario ash hardwood and moulded polypropylene runners, this will become a family keepsake.
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7. Beauty Advent Calendar by Giorgio Armani Beauty, $500Beauty Advent Calendar by Giorgio Armani Beauty

You won’t find any stickers or chocolates in this calendar. Instead, there are nine full-size products among the 24 drawers in this stunning advent calendar. If you want to spoil the surprise, the itemized list of products can be found on the back of the outer sleeve as well as online. But if you just want to know only enough to pique your anticipation, rest assured that you’ll be delighted for 24 days in a row with multiple lip products (with different formulas and colours), a range of fragrances, a variety of eye makeup, a base product and even some of Armani’s incredible skincare treatments. All housed in an elegant red and gold box that’s incredibly sturdy, this can absolutely be saved and reused in coming years.
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8. Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set by Enfinigy Zwilling, $180Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set by Enfinigy Zwilling

Reimagining everyday items into luxury pleasures is what Zwilling does best. And taking the most basic of spicessalt and pepper (or others, if you prefer)and housing them in such beautiful mills might possibly make your food taste even better. The electric, rechargeable mills have rounded corners, making them easier to grip than traditionally cylindrical mills. Illumination is provided while the mill is working, which might seem excessive, until you try seasoning into a deep, dark pot; then that light becomes indispensable. A dial at the bottom manually adjusts the ceramic grinder and while it won’t deliver a very coarse grind, you can always count on these mills to precisely season with medium to fine grinds.
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9. The Dalmore Dinner at Notch8 in Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, $755 per personThe Dalmore Dinner at Notch8 in Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

From Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands, The Dalmore has been setting high standards for whisky craftsmanship for over 150 years. Even if you’re not a whisky connoisseur, you’ve probably heard of The Dalmore. It’s always quietly making headlines for setting record prices, going up for bid at Harrods, etc. Its releases are always highly anticipated and strictly controlled, and Notch8 is the only Canadian restaurant to serve the Dalmore 30, 2021 edition.

The 2021 edition started in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels and then transferred into rare 30 year-old tawny Port pipes. Notes of toffee, cherries and candied orange first greet the nose, followed by juicy plums and pears washing over the palate, finished by a balanced play of almonds and vanilla cake.The Dalmore Dinner at Notch8 in Fairmont Hotel VancouverThis dinner is a rare opportunity to not only try The Dalmore 30, but to experience a Dalmore whisky pairing dinner that will take you through 75 years of this heritage brand, featuring The Dalmore 12,15 and 18 as you progress through dinner. Each course is expertly paired to bring out the unique tasting notes of each whisky. The dinner is subject to availability and requires a minimum of six guests.
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10. Kiyo UVC Water Bottle by Monos, starting $95Kiyo UVC Water Bottle by Monos

Not just an elegant, minimalist Scandi-vibes water vessel, this stainless steel bottle allows you to use UVC technology to purify your drinking water with the touch of a button, eradicating up to 99.99 percent of bacteria. Now you’ll never worry about having clean, pristine drinking water anywhere, anytime. Surprisingly lightweight considering the technology within, this bottle also holds a really long charge, about a month with regular use before needing to be recharged via the included USB cable.

Tap the button on the cap for a one-minute quick clean, or tap it twice for a three-minute deep clean. Technology aside, it’s still a fantastic water bottle with double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. And even if you’re the type of person to not wash your water bottle for days, this will never smell musty or mildewy. Available in two sizes (500 ml and 750 ml), the smaller one is perfect for carrying around day to day for personal use, while the larger is best if you have a backpack, stroller or car to store it in.
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11. Airwrap Multi-Styler by Dyson $749.99Airwrap Multi-Styler by Dyson

Encased in a sleek carry-all presentation box like an oversized watch case, the Dyson Airwrap was made for gifting. Updated with improved mechanics in many of the attachments, if the former iteration with its uni-directional curling wands was a deal-breaker, this upgrade will impress. While Dyson didn’t discover or invent the Coandā effect (we have Henri Marie Coandā to thank for that), Dyson definitely popularized and normalized this aspect of aerodynamics. In short, Dyson harnesses this effect so that you can manipulate your hair (curling, smoothing, drying) in such an efficient way that it reduces both time and heat necessary. Dyson is styling your hair with physics.

The new curling barrels (in two diameters, 40 mm and 30 mm) are now bi-directional, with a quick twist of the top. And while the curling barrels get all the attention, the new flyaway smoothing dryer attachment is a two-in-one tool that’s brilliant. The dryer option performs as expected, but the flyaway option can be activated by simply twisting the top knob 180 degrees. This not only quickly smooths any flyaways or broken hairs once you’re done drying, but this is bi-directional as well, and all you need to do is tap the horizontal bar onto your head to change directions, hands-free. If you’re someone who always flat irons to get a sleek, polished look, this is the tool for you.
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12. Tiffany & Co. x Andy Warhol Advent Calendar, $205,000Tiffany & Co. x Andy Warhol Advent Calendar

The only thing better than a little blue box? Twenty-four little blue boxes! This special collaboration is inspired by the holiday cards Andy Warhol designed for Tiffany & Co. during the 1950s and ’60s. This whimsical set is housed in a series of packagesdesigned to evoke a stack of Tiffany blue boxesmade from sustainable wood, each taking over 50 hours to create. Inside each one are actual Tiffany blue boxes, containing 24 extravagant gifts. Not to give all the surprises away, here’s a teaser of what’s inside: Edge Bypass Necklace (platinum, yellow gold and diamonds), Double Knot Hinged Bangle (yellow gold and diamonds), Hardwear Link Earrings (gold) and Tiffany Coffee Cups (bone china).
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