Your First Look at Lush’s New Robson Street Store

Lush Cosmetics expands on Robson Street, celebrating 20 years of West Coast growth

Lush Cosmetics expands on Robson Street, celebrating 20 years of West Coast growth

Once just a single storefront in Vancouver’s West End, Lush Cosmetics has boomed in its last two decades of North American operations. This summer, a hugely revamped flagship location on Robson Street helps the retailer celebrate its success and expands its offering of handmade cosmetics.

Reclaimed wood, increased inventory, and an open, airy shopping experience (reminiscent of a colourful farmers’ market) are among the many highlights of the upgraded space. The new design opened to the public on August 24th.

Here are five reasons to visit…


1. More shop to shop

Lush has come a long way since its first days as a tiny stand-alone store on Denman Street, but even the previous shopping mecca of Robson Street boasted just 1,000 square feet of space. A huge jumpto over 2,300 square feetnow allows consumers room to sit for cosmetic consultations in an antique barber chair and, of course, provides ample space for expanded inventory. Don’t miss the fresh face masks: select one of 12 different treatments displayed like the freshest salad bar in town.


2. New demo options

For customers who were unfamiliar with the bath bomb experience that made Lush a cosmetics giant, showing them how to use the products was previously limited to splashing around in small bowls at local storeshardly reflective of the more immersive bath experience. “Expanding our shops is all about providing a bigger, more interactive playground,” explains Jeff Brown, manager of brand and product training. The retail refresh on Robson includes a massive sink for further exploration, helping consumers fully understand product benefits. “It brings product demonstrations to life in a way they never have before,” says Brown.


3. Ethical places and plans

A Vancouver wood shop handcrafts many of the store fixtures for Lush’s North American locations. What they don’t create themselves from reclaimed wood is sourced from local mom ‘n’ pop shops and antique dealers. The inviting history of the pieces on display at Robson Street lends the larger space a welcoming, homey quality.

The same ethical focus led Lush to partner with Ocean Legacy Foundation, an organization that literally scoops plastic waste from our oceans. The result? Ample materials to melt down and bring to life again as packaging for some of the products on Lush shelves.

The store’s Charity Pots also do good in the world. The body lotion sees all proceedsnot just profitsfrom the sale of each canister donated to a host of noble causes, most notably environmental conservation and animal welfare organizations.


4. Save moneyand material

Lush strives to avoid excessive packaging at every turn, and so the “Knot Wrap” provides gift-givers a great alternative to unnecessary waste. At $8.95 each, these colourful cloths make any present picture-perfect but then can be reusedas head wraps, tea towels or any number of other creations. “Making ethical choices shouldn’t mean sacrificing creativity and fun!” says Brown. “That blend of ethics and creativity is kind of what Lush is all about.”

In a further commitment to reducing and reusing, clients are encouraged to return five of Lush’s plastic product containers and reap a reward: a free face mask. Less for the landfill to absorb, more to nourish your skin!


5. New products

Once made just for Mother’s Day promotions, the popular Scrubee is now a year-round offering. Combining ground almonds and coconut shell for exfoliating, with honey and both shea and cocoa butters for moisturizing, the adorable bee-shaped treat is a popular buy.

And mouthwash tabs may just solve your next packing dilemma. If your carry-on is brimming with liquids that don’t meet the latest security guidelines, these new tiny tabs freshen breath without taking up much space. A variety of flavours are available including the Crème de Menthe, which Lush cheekily declares “crème of the crop.”