3 Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Tearing out your hair trying to find something for the person who has everything? Here are three fun and original gift ideas

Credit: LazyOne.ca

Adult onsies from LazyOne are a great gift for the person who has everything

Not sure what to buy the person who has everything? Here are three fun and original gift ideas

Everyone has that person in their life – the friend or loved one who is impossible to buy for because they seemingly have everything. Don’t stress, here are three super-original gift ideas perfect for this type of person.

Da Bling Thing

Da Bling Thing is a multi-purpose organizer that is a practical way to show off your jewelry. Da Bling Thing is a wall organizer that allows you to store over a 100 pieces of jewelry, as well as other accessories like scarves, watches, belts, ties and more. Sure, Da Bling Thing might be a silly name, but it’s a useful item that clearly lays out all of your stuff in a clear and precise manner, so no more untangling or unwinding. Bonus: It can be mounted anywhere!

The Brag Company Bra Bag

The Bra Bag! Yes, it’s actually a bag for your bra. I like to think of it as mini bra-shaped suitcase that stores your unmentionables. It keeps your bras in shape and secure, whether you’re storing them at home or travelling. It’s the perfect way to protect your precious lingerie from folds and creases! This Christmas give a gift that you can BRA-G about! It’s fun, unique, and functional.

The LazyOne

The person who has everything probably doesn’t own an adult onesie! How often will someone buy themselves a onesie?  Never. And that’s what makes it perfect! You can buy matching onesies for the whole family. They’re cute, affordable and unforgettable.