5 Etsy Trends You’ll Want to Show Off This Summer

These local Etsy stores are selling some of our new favourite items

These local Etsy stores are selling some of our new favourite items

After what feels like the rainiest winter in Vancouver’s history, summer is finally emerging—gracing us both with sunshine and the season’s hottest trends. We checked out Etsy’s annual summer trends presentation to get the scoop on what’s trending online and how we can shop the look locally.

“One of my favourite things that I like right now is a trend that we’re calling ‘go global’,” says Etsy’s trend expert Dayna Isom. “It’s really about incorporating natural materials.”

Other trends Isom has been seeing a lot of lately include, high-quality handmade items, Aztec style markings and mixed patterns.

Here are five of our favourite items and trends showcased at the event…


1. Irregular Patterns

There’s nothing boring about this trend. Triangles, perpendicular lines, multi-coloured weaving… Irregular and mixed patterns are making their mark on everything from jars to dresses and even wall art. An easy way to introduce this trend into your home is with this Geometric Abstract Embroidery Hoop Art piece, which features several different materials including, bamboo, cotton and canvas.
Forbs and Clover, $50


2. Watercolours

What’s being dubbed as the ‘look of of luxe,’ is a trend that incorporates lots of watercolours, pops of pastels and metallic finishes. If you want to update the look of your home without whipping out any heavy-duty renovation tools, then a fun wallpaper like this Sea Green Watercolour Diamonds Wallpaper could be the answer.
A New Wall Decor, On sale starting from $315


3. Playful Prints

It’s not just men’s socks that get all the fun. Red lips, flamingos, cacti prints and more can be found on pillows, shirts and even tea towels. Get cheeky in the kitchen with this Hot Lips Linen Tea Towel that will be sure to catch the attention of your dinner guests this summer.
Banquet, $34


4. Tassels

Tassels aren’t just for the fringe of your old 1970s dress. We are loving these handmade Chunky Cotton Keyrings with maple beads and pops of colour sewn into them. And thanks to the beads and tassels, you’ll never wonder where your keys went.
Saige and Skye, $24


5. Cacti Motifs

Move over pineapples, the cactus is the new queen of home decor. Part of what Isom describes as the ‘go global’ trend, cacti can be found in everything from wall-art to cactus-shaped air fresheners. Spice up your home decorating game with this handmade 3D Cactus Marquee.
The Wood Type Shop, $200