5 Green Holiday Gift Ideas

Five ways to make your gifts low-impact - on the environment and on your wallet

Gifts that are literally green: community garden plot, seed catalogue or tree for the yard

Not sure what to give this holiday? Why not go green? Give something useful (and beautiful), nourishing or inspiring

Here are five suggestions for low-impact gift giving: 

1. Give experiences. Think an outdoor adventure (ziplining maybe!), a special outing to a museum or art gallery or a spa treatment.

2. Go foodie. Set up your recipient with a trial organic food delivery, wine club membership or an array of artisan-roasted coffee.

3. Make a donation. Choose a favourite charity.

4. Make a date. Plan a picnic, movie or high tea together.

5. Provide the gift of gardening. Arrange for a community garden plot, a gift certificate plus seed catalogue, or pick out a tree to plant in the yard.

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