5 Honest Guys Answer Questions About Love, Sex and Grooming

5 Honest Guys lay it all out on stage in this new comedy night at the Metropolitan Bartending School.

The 5 Honest Guys take the stage to answer questions about why men do the things they do

5 Honest Guys face off against an audience of curious women for comedy show

What’s a first date deal-breaker? When it comes to relationships, why do guys start off eager and then have a change of heart? What’s the sexiest thing a woman can do—that isn’t sexual?

5 Honest Guys

Metropolitan Bartending School

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These are just a few of the questions posed at 5 Honest Guys, a new, local and live show that puts five “regular” guys, mics in hand, in front of an exclusively female audience to answer any and all questions about men—as truthfully as possible, of course.


“Women wonder about the opposite sex just as much as men do,” says 5 Honest Guys creator Chad Horton. “What we’re trying to do is give girls a forum where they can get real answers from real guys—and hopefully get a couple of laughs at the same time.”


Choosing 5 funny and informative truth-tellers

Last March, Horton hooked up with business partner Matt Thompson to debut 5 Honest Guys at the Metropolitan Bartending School in Kits. The show’s main male attractions—witty Bryan, rugged Peter, cute Scooter, sweet Kyle and bearded Brad⎯were selected through an audition process that sought to separate the truth-tellers from the liars.


5 Honest Guys is hilarious and often risqué new show at the
Metropolitan Bartending School (Image: Angela Hubbard Photography)


“We wanted guys with different personalities and outlooks who were willing to give a straight answer, no matter how R-rated the question,” Horton explains. “It was also really important for them to be able to play off of each other, since we want this to be funny and entertaining, as well as informative.”


Funny it is. The 20 or so gals I joined for the second installment of 5 Honest Guys (April 16, same venue) were kept laughing throughout the two-hour show, during which we were able to either pose questions to the guys ourselves or jot them down anonymously for the hostess to read aloud on our behalf.


What do guys really think?

Though I felt I could anticipate the guys’ answers to most of the audience’s queries (“Why do guys like breasts?” “Because we don’t have them,” obviously), they did provide some valuable insight into the male psyche:


  • Men love it when a woman approaches them first (most women already know this, but it never hurts to hear it again). The next time a certain guy catches your eye, don’t think twice about making the first move.
  • Men think UGG boots are, well, ugly and, much like slippers, should not be worn outside of your house. (Lululemon pants, on the other hand, are like “Wonderbras” for the butt and appropriate for most occasions.)
  • When it comes to your “hair down there,” men “like it like Goldilocks”: not too much, not too little, but just right.
  • Real versus fake? In a man’s eyes, it’s always better to “just be you.”

Audience members get a chance to ask the 5 Honest Guys
questions they’ve been dying to know (Image: Angela Hubbard Photography)


As for the show, Horton says it will go on, bigger and better than before.


“After all the positive feedback we’ve gotten, we really want to take this to a larger venue in the next couple of months,” says Horton. “We’ll also look at possibly doing the flip version of the show⎯6 Approachable Chicks⎯for a male audience, so you can watch out for that, too.”