5 Reasons to Choose Local and Earth-friendly

Vancouver's Bee Kind offers the perfect earth-friendly solutions for gift giving this season

Vancouver’s Bee Kind offers the perfect earth-friendly solutions for gift giving this season

Based in Vancouver, Bee Kind is a women-founded small business that creates vibrantly designed, biodegradable home goods. Their signature beeswax wraps may be in your local grocery store, but there is so much more to Bee Kind. This season, they offer a number of earth-friendly products that make the perfect gift for anyone on your list!

Check out the festive reasons why…

1. $20 budgets are no problem

From Secret Santa events to hostess gifts or teacher presents, we often don’t want to spend more than $20 on a small token of appreciation. Unfortunately, this often leaves us with cheap, impractical options or the clichéd bottle of wine! Every single Bee Kind product is priced between $6.99 and $21.99, making these gifts accessible for every budget. Choose from gorgeous beeswax wraps, aesthetic wooden dish brushes and functional cotton mesh produce bags… without breaking the bank.

2. Give a gift with meaning

Giving a gift that immediately sparks a meaningful conversation is a sign that your selection knocked it out of the park! Be the good guy this season by purchasing something with a good cause in mind. Bee Kind creates reusable, biodegradable alternatives in hopes of keeping the oceans plastic-free for future generations. The company also gives back, with a portion of profits benefitting Surfrider Foundation Pacific Rim and the David Suzuki Foundation. Look good and feel good about supporting a good cause and a small company that pays living wages.

3. Hand-painted and locally made

Bee Kind’s beeswax wraps feature gorgeous hand painted prints, created by the founders’ mom, plus they are all handmade in Vancouver. A cult classic, Bee Kind wraps currently offer 10 different designs, making it easy to pick out the right vibe for that special someone. Like to do your gifting in bulk? Your entire book club might receive beeswax wraps, but they all get a unique, personalized pattern. Easy.

4. Shipping is easy

This might be an afterthought for many, but shipping costs can add up around the holidays! Choosing light, flat-packed gifts will save you a bundle when it’s time to ship them out to your far-and-wide family. Not to mention that your family members will appreciate your good thinking when it comes time to take their entire haul home in their carry-on.

5. Perfect for the person who has everything

Trying to buy for the person that has everything can be… well… trying. We usually find that instead of thinking bigger and more luxurious, thinking smaller and functional is your winning strategy. Plastic wrap, plastic dish scrubbers and plastic bags are a boring, unappealing afterthought. Upgrading your loved ones with something beautiful, reusable, functional and downright useful will be something that ends up appreciated every single day. 

For more information, keep up with Bee Kind on Instagram or browse retail locations and shop the entire product collection online.