Abeego’s Reusable Natural Food Wrap

Opt for a natural and sweet-scented food wrap that you can reuse time and time again

Go green in your kitchen with a reusable and organic food wrap

With Abeego’s natural food wrap, you’ve fought your last sticky battle with plastic rolls

Ditch the disposable film for Abeego, a reusable and natural food wrap made from hemp and cotton fabric infused with beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. 

The malleable “flats” form easily around vegetables, cheese, bread and containers, while the “wraps” are perfect for storing snacks and lunches. And with a quick hand wash, they’re ready for their next wrap.

Plus, Abeego’s colourful stitching and sweetly scented beeswax make for a cuter lunch date than a tired wad of Saran.

From $11; Abeego

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