Add Style to Your Eco-friendly Holiday Wrapping Paper

Save your money on wrapping paper this holiday and help the environment too

Dress up some holiday wrapping paper that is easy on the environment

Want to wrap your Christmas gifts in an eco-friendly fashion without looking like a total holiday hippie?

Simply add a dash of modern style. It’s easy to use recycled magazines, children’s paintings, maps, architectural drawings and even newspapers to stylishly wrap your presents.

Try these Holiday Wrapping Tips

Be consistent, keep it simple and add some flourish.

  • Choose one recycled paper style (black and white matte magazine pages, for example) and stick with that for all your gifts. This will give you a uniform palette to work with.
  • Now, add ribbon (again, one colour — hint: think red).
  • Next, add flash — two silver jingle bells, a splash of silver glitter, a metallic tag. Next present, repeat.

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