The All-inclusive Father’s Day Gift Guide

Make your dad the coolest guy on the block with savvy gifts that'll help him show off his unique style

Skip the tie and drill set this Father’s Day and opt for something a little cooler for your dad

There’s a lot more to dads than work, sports, gadgets and grilling. Whether your dad’s a rock star-wannabe, a nerd at heart or wants nothing more than to treasure a little time with you, he deserves something special this Father’s Day.

This gift guide will help you steer clear of the overdone polo shirts, ties and tools, so you can give dad a gift that’ll up his cool factor and show him that you treasure him too.

A Different Kind of Tool Set

Tool sets do nothing but tell dad he has a lot of house repairs to do this summer. Rather than piling more work on his plate, get him some tools he’ll actually enjoy.

Tool-shaped Cookies

If your handy dad has a bit of a sweet tooth, try these tool-shaped cookies from Eleni’s. With a dozen fun treats, your dad can reward himself for all the repair jobs. Other Father’s Day themed cookies are also available for order.

Office Tools

These tool-shaped pens by Neato Shop will help Dad tackle his next big project: the “to do” list. With a screwdriver, a screw, a wrench and a hammer, these pens are sure to make Dad feel manly while emoting on paper.

Credit: Personal Creations/Sprout Home

Food for Thought

Keep Dad well fed and well entertained with snacks and entertainment that surely won’t tempt anyone else.

Snacks for the Man Cave

For the man who loves all things manly, this man cave snack jar is sure to go well with the rest of his manly things. Personalize it to ensure no one dares touch Dad’s snacks.

Seedy Comic Book

This superhero comic book will stand out from the rest of your dad’s collection. Featuring the Gardener, this plantable comic book is packed with herb seeds to fight those empty spots in the yard.

Credit: Amazon/Plenty

Handsome Man Things

If your dad takes time to care for his looks, then tailor your gift to his style with something that’ll keep him looking fresh.

Razor Sanitizer

Razors can build up bacteria, causing irritation and bumps on the skin. Using UV technology, this razor cleaner will ensure Dad’s skin is smooth and germ-free.

Happy Socks

Let Dad express his quirky personality with socks rather than dorky ties. These Happy Socks from Plenty are sure to do the trick. Pick up a few patterned pairs to go with his suits.

Gadget Gifts

If your dad is in love with everything tech, try these gadget-inspired gifts.

Netflix Subscription

Help Dad catch up on his favourite TV series or check off that must-see movie list with a year-long subscription to Netflix Canada. Create a Netflix gift certificate and give dad the gift of commercial-free television.

Smartphone Case

Make it easy for Dad to identify his smartphone. Personalize a smartphone case with a family photo to let Dad know who loves him most.

Credit: Amazon/Indigo

Music to His Ears

Was your dad part of a high school rock band? Did he relish the music of the ’60s and ’70s? If he can still carry a tune, these gifts are sure to fill him with music.

Shower Songs

You may want to get out the earplugs, because this Bluetooth shower speaker means Dad’s going to be vocal. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android, this system can pair with up to five devices for hours of music. Warning: you may run out of hot water.

Ticket Stub Organizer

If Dad’s a concert goer, this ticket stub organizer from Indigo is a perfect way to preserve those encore memories. This diary is also great for the sports fan, Broadway show lover and museum buff.

Signs of Sentiment

If your dad is the sentimental type, give him a clear sign of your love. Order an original family sign by local artist Kimberley Francis. Her solid wood signs are handcrafted, giving you a beautiful way to put your family’s signature on your home.

Or, for something a little more private, try this hand stamped sterling silver key-chain for a gift dad can take with him. There’s space for 30 characters around the silver disc and a choice of what you would like in the centre.

Outdoor Adventures

Sometimes all Dad wants is a little time outdoors. Get out of the house this Father’s Day and take Dad on an adventure.

Drive at the Range

The driving range at Eaglequest is a perfect way to improve your swing, or just have a little fun with the family, whether dad’s a golfer or not. There’s also a mini golf course on site for the mini family members.

Drive in a Kart

Take Dad out go-kart racing to blow off steam. Richmond Go Karts allows kids aged four and up to ride in a kart, which means the whole family can tag a long for the ride.