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From cost-conscious design pieces to priceless keepsakes, canvas photo prints prove a perfect choice

From cost-conscious design pieces to priceless keepsakes, canvas photo prints prove a perfect choice

For those who’ve ever attempted to perform a budget interior makeover or pay tribute to a very special photo, it’s a familiar struggle. Finding a way to create a proper photo print is never an easy task. Add in a dozen different printing services, and a recipe for a seriously confusing cluster results. A perfect solution? Look for the underdogs. We did just that and found ours…

Finding just what you’re looking for

It’s easy to overlook just how important the choice of a printing service is. Surely, one can Google any subject-related query and go with the first service that pops up in the search results. This, however, can end up with laughably low-quality print renditions of your favourite photos, damaged-upon-delivery picture frames, and other out-of-this-world yet proven-to-happen scenarios (think mistakenly-shipped canvas with a photo of a stranger on it).

Apart from the material loss, there’s hardly a more disappointing narrative than the arrival of a broken item you had intended as a birthday greeting for a loved one. Are there any means to avoid this? Sure, there are, and this is the only one you’ll ever need.

Enjoy the most exceptional canvas prints

Now, how’s that for a tendentious heading? Keep in mind, though, it’s not an empty promotion. This thing is actually good. In fact, it flat-out rocks. Keeping a somewhat low profile, seems almost like a service working under a guise, while delivering consistently excellent quality and delivering it right on time. When it comes to finding the perfect canvas in Canada, well, cut the quest right here.

With a top-quality canvas stretched over a sturdy spruce wood frame, prints will do more than justice to the original photo. Plus, with UV-resistant, solvent-free HP latex inks at work, images will look good… and will do so for decades to come.

For true interior aficionados for whom aesthetic consistency matters big time, new canvas prints can mesh well with current interior agendas. With multiple edge designs and premium frames available, prints can complement everything from a colourful, quirky bachelor’s pad to a sophisticated minimalist interior. It’s simply a matter of taste.

Personalize with creative options

With all the amazing perks listed above, perhaps the greatest of them all is that canvas prints are not the only products the Canadian company is known for. Upon closer inspection, quite an unorthodox selection of other interior- and lifestyle-related items are on offer. It’s here that design-oriented imaginations run wild.

Beloved photo on a blanket? A cushion? Or, perhaps, a mug? That’s right. All of these—and more—can be imprinted with favourite photos. (You may already suspect that these also make for incredibly original gift items).

Since none of them are occasion-specific, these items offer full freedom to decide whether the new custom-made mug will become a birthday, Christmas or engagement present. The same applies for any other item, be it a photo puzzle or photo towel—the intention is pretty much determined by the photo you choose.

With the creative freedom and versatility provided by, forget about traditional gift solutions. And, that’s not necessarily a bad thing as any custom printed item from is simply so much more personal.

Upload now and enjoy

The producer of best canvas prints in Canada? Despite all the previously stated benefits, it’s up to you to decide. The formula is as straightforward as it gets. Have a photo you want to see turned into a high-quality wall decor piece? Go to their site, click the “Upload Now” button, and allow magic to happen.

Customize an image to your liking, proceed to the checkout, and let the trusted delivery service get your precious package to your doorstep. It’s simple, inexpensive and surely worth a shot.